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Further details on the Michael Schmidt sheep-napping “conspiracy” charges

From Scott Dunn in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt and son. Photo via Owen Sound Sun Times.

“DURHAM – Canada Food Inspection Agency officers seized electronic devices and stored data from raw milk activist Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms Thursday as part of a federal investigation into the illegal removal of sheep that were under quarantine near Peterborough before they could be euthanized this spring.

CFIA issued a brief statement Friday confirming only that it executed search warrants “related to the ongoing investigation into the April 2nd removal of 31 sheep from a farm in Eastern Ontario, breaching a federal quarantine that was in place due to risk of a disease called scrapie.”

Schmidt acted as a spokesman for the so-far anonymous Farmers’ Peace Corp. earlier this year, after it took responsibility for taking the animals into “protective custody.” Continue reading

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Schmidt seeking appeal — Sun Times

From Daniel Langlois, in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“DURHAM – Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt is scheduled to return to a Toronto courtroom Thursday to seek leave to appeal 13 convictions related to the sale and distribution of unpasteurized milk.

Schmidt’s lawyer Karen Selick plans to argue that several errors of law were made in the leadup to the Durham-area farmer’s convictions and that granting leave to appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal is in the public interest.

“I don’t do things that are lost causes, so I think that the mere fact that we are going forward with this application for leave indicates that I think we have a reasonable chance of success,” she said Tuesday. Continue reading

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Sean McGivern and Michael Schmidt are forming new “Practical Farmers” group to meet March 31st, and seek adjustment of supply management

From Jim Algie, in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“It’s worth noticing that Grey County farm policy reformer Sean McGivern prefers to talk these days about a “readjustment” in agricultural supply management.

Considering the direction from which he has come, the Desboro-based founder of a proposed new general farm organization could be talking instead about scrapping the controversial Canadian system for controlling farm production of some commodities.

An energetic, entrepreneurial, organic farmer who has run up against the system’s production limitations personally, McGivern might have joined the chorus of high profile non-farm commentators seeking to dismantle supply management. Continue reading

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Date set for raw milk appeal hearing

From Tracey Richardson in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“Durham-area raw milk producer Michael Schmidt’s case will have a hearing in the Ontario Court of Appeal in April.

Lawyer Karen Selick said a hearing has been granted in Toronto on April 25 to ask for leave to appeal on Schmidt’s behalf. She said three hours for arguments have been set aside. She’s doubtful a decision will be granted the same day.

“It’s a pretty voluminous application and it’s being strongly opposed by the attorney general’s office,” she said, adding a lot of material will be placed before the court. Continue reading

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Raw milk battle top health story of 2011

Tracey Richardson in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“No pandemic, no contaminated drinking water, no catastrophes, yet Grey-Bruce still proved fertile ground for newsworthy health-care stories in 2011.

Here are my selections of the top local health stories of the year:

1. Michael Schmidt. Schmidt, the Durham-area raw milk crusader, takes the Number 1 spot because of his public middle-finger waving to the Grey Bruce Health Unit. In October, a defiant Schmidt handed out what he said was unpasteurized milk to a rally of his supporters in the parking lot of the health unit, right below the office window of Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hazel Lynn. Continue reading


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Raw milk crusader didn’t hurt anyone

From Denis Langlois, in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt and supporters, leaving the Newmarket court after the sentencing last month.

“Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt plans to appeal both his Sept. 28 conviction and subsequent sentence for producing and distributing unpasteurized milk.

Karen Selick, the Durham-area farmer’s lawyer, said the law has “inflicted an injustice” in the Schmidt case. Continue reading


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What’s happening at Queen’s Park while Michael Schmidt continues with his hunger strike for food freedom?

From Denis Langlois in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt speaking today at a rally in Vancouver.

“….”I am asking simply for dialogue. I’m not asking for any concessions,” Schmidt said Tuesday in a telephone interview while participating in a rally in Washington, D.C.

“My condition is there is a dialogue started to get advice on how we can move forward from this stalemate.”

Schmidt began his hunger strike on Sept. 29 to push for a “well-educated dialogue” with McGuinty “about the issue of food freedom and responsible food freedom choice.”

Schmidt said he is for the establishment of standards for the safe production of raw milk and has “no problem” with health unit inspectors keeping an eye on raw milk production. Continue reading


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National Farmers Union supports raw milk advocate at Owen Sound rally

From Agri-Media.ca:

Sean McGivern speaks at Michael Schmidt's Grey Bruce Health Unit rally.

“The Grey County local of the National Farmers Union helped organise a protest in Owen Sound yesterday.

About a hundred people rallied at the Grey Bruce Health Unit headquarters in support of raw milk activist Michael Schmidt.

Grey NFU President Sean McGivern says drinking raw milk is an issue of freedom of choice. Continue reading


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Raw milk freedom rally October 13th at Owen Sound’s Grey County Health Unit

Photos from Julie Briski, taken at yesterday’s rally:

A toast for the Queen, whose family are known drinkers of raw milk!

Continue reading


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Food sovereignty rally at Grey Bruce health unit in Owen Sound in support of Michael Schmidt and legal raw milk


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