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Raw milk through the media telephone

When I was in grade school our teacher once played a game with us of “telephone” in which a message was started at one end of the class and passed down to the other end. Of course the final version was quite different from the original. I was reminded of that experience when reading this story in “Top News”, which, while getting the gist of the story does contain glaring errors of fact, such as that raw milk is legal in Canada. But as P.T. Barnum is reported to have said about newspaper stories, “I don’t care what they say about me just as long as they spell my name right”. Here’s an excerpt from that Top News report. And hey, we can be glad some news editor out there recognizes that this story IS “top news”, because awareness can be the first step to change.

A bit of the header graphic from Top News.

Michael Schmidt fights for legality of Chilliwack dairy

Michael Schmidt, who is a farmer in Ontario, is in B. C. to fight a legal battle for Chilliwack dairy that distributes unpasteurized milk to families who own shares in their own cows. Continue reading

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