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Germ theory and the post-antibiotic age

From Tim O’Shea on Life Enthusiast blog:

When once you interfere with the order of nature, there is no knowing where the results will end.
– Herbert Spencer

It was great while it lasted: the age of antibiotics. Sure came and went in a hurry, though, didn’t it? Left me with a few questions:

  • How did antibiotics run their course already in just 50 years?
  • How did we get so sick?
  • Where does all the money go?
  • Why aren’t we making any progress?
  • What’s going to happen now?

These are the questions for which you can almost never get a straight answer. Unless you look beyond Newsweek, beyond the San Francisco Chronicle, beyond 20/20, or Ted Turner, beyond the media which year by year seem to cater to an ever-dwindling level of literacy and awareness… Continue reading


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Passage of pro-raw-milk law in New Jersey legislature brings out opponents

Anti-raw-milk rants in the media tend to follow a bit of a formula. And this one, from the “Press of Atlantic City.com” is really not that special. Still it shows that where progress is made towards legalizing raw milk access, there will be reaction from factions that would trade off choice for what they purport to be safety. Here are a couple of excerpts:

“…But today, challenging long-held scientific truths is a way of life for many people. They reject vaccines. And, increasingly, they reject pasteurization, favoring unpasteurized, raw milk because of the supposed natural benefits of milk straight from the cow.

Periodically, these folks find a friend in Trenton who sponsors a bill that would end New Jersey’s decades-old ban on the sale or distribution of raw milk. Assemblyman Connie Wagner, D-Bergen, is the latest. And her measure to allow the sale of raw milk in New Jersey was approved by the Assembly last week in a … well, shocking 71-6-1 vote. Continue reading

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Why is government sour on raw milk?

From a story in See Magazine (Edmonton) by Roberta Shepherd:

“Did you know that it is illegal to provide raw milk to Canadian consumers?

I am astounded by this, as are many others, because it restricts each consumer’s choice to access milk that, in my opinion, is far more health promoting than its pasteurized counterpart.

Pasteurization was introduced by Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and microbiologist. Pasteur drew public attention to the “germ theory,” that suggests that germs are the cause of most diseases. Pasteur further discovered that the growth of microorganisms is responsible for the spoilage of milk, and that heating milk kills bacteria in it. Pasteurization extends milk’s shelf life and kills harmful bacteria that could lead to illnesses such as diphtheria, salmonella and E-coli poisoning, strep throat, scarlet fever, listeria poisoning, tuberculosis and typhoid fever. Continue reading

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Got Milk? Keep it Raw

So says this writer of a recent letter to the editor in the Surrey Leader. See excerpt below. Surrey is a suburb of Vancouver, where local raw milk suppliers Alice Jongerden and Gordon Watson of Home on the Range cowshare will be in court Monday defending people’s right to choose.

"A letter writer argues that exposure to dirt and grime is helpful to children, for building immunity to asthma and allergies...." Photo via Surrey Leader

“The doomsayers who are utilizing Louis Pasteur’s theory for labelling our raw milk products a health hazard almost make me feel I am lucky to be alive, considering that was the only kind of milk available to me for the first 17 years of my life.

They conveniently forget that he is also the founder of the science of immunology, and ignoring the fact that pasteurizing is the simplest part of the legacy he left us. Just heat the stuff to a certain temperature, and hope that the good bacteria will still be alive. Continue reading


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