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Monsanto vs farmer over seed saving

From Charlotte Silver, on Aljazeera:

“During last week’s oral testimonies before the United States Supreme Court, a 75-year-old soybean farmer from Indiana faced down Monsanto, as he challenged the biotech giant’s aggressive and frequently criticised pursuit of patent infringement cases. Continue reading


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Subordination of government to law — the greatest of human achievements

Subordination of government to law is exactly what the verdict in the Michael Schmidt raw milk case was all about. This story, of course, addresses a broader political landscape. The following passages are excerpted from “Security Fools” by Paul Craig Roberts, as found on Counterpunch.org:

The Michael Schmidt case provides a textbook example of the importance of the subordination of government to law, which this author maintains, is humanity's greatest achievement.

“What is the greatest human achievement? Many would answer in terms of some architectural or engineering feat: The Great Pyramids, skyscrapers, a bridge span, or sending men to the moon. Others might say the subduing of some deadly disease or Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The greatest human achievement is the subordination of government to law. This was an English achievement that required eight centuries of struggle, beginning in the ninth century when King Alfred the Great codified the common law, moving forward with the Magna Carta in the thirteenth century and culminating with the Glorious Revolution in the late seventeenth century. Continue reading

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