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ONE: Michael Schmidt’s raw milk countdown to a postponed verdict

Today was to have been the day on which Judge Tetley would pronounce his decision on the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s January 2010 acquittal on 19 raw milk charges. Instead we have news of posponement of that decision, which was made public yesterday. Still, the countdown has its own momentum, and today we bring you what was to have been the last installment of Michael Schmidt’s meditation on the diminishing numbers:

Farmer Michael Schmidt, in his other role, as orchestral conductor at Symphony in the Barn

Let me use this last essay to honor ONE person in this amazing journey.

This person has done more for the entire raw milk movement, food freedom movement than anybody else. Continue reading


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Decision on the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt raw milk acquittal has now been postponed til September 16th

From Don Crosby at the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt will have to wait a couple of more months to find out whether a judge will overturn his acquittal on 19 charges related to selling and distributing raw milk.

In January 2010 Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky ruled in Newmarket that Schmidt’s cow-share program for raw milk consumers did not violate provincial regulations meant to protect public health.

Kowarsky found that under Schmidt’s program, consumers became “part owners” of his dairy cows, so the system complied with the province’s Health Protection and Promotion Act. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt looks at the judiciary and recent raw milk / food rights cases

From Michael Schmidt’s Reflections of a Candidate blog, from a post titled “Are the Courts Failing Us????”

“Is Justice Paul Kowarsky the only one who has the courage or the wisdom?

Let Children judge to have more justice than we have now.

As I am following countless legal proceedings across Canada and the US, I begin to question the truly independent role of the courts. I question if they are setting themselves up for being accused to simply follow the corporate/government agenda and therefore will experience a huge loss of credibility.

The image of ruling as an independent body from Government on the merits of the case seems to be tainted based on a string of recent rulings across this continent.

It appears that more and more the courts play second fiddle in determining how justice is constructed. I have seen fundamental rulings overturned based on a Government appeal. I have seen rulings which appear to be based on fear instead of truly questioning the merits of the case. Continue reading


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