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Candidate Michael Schmidt muses about political party culture and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives

In the latest post on his “Reflections of a candidate” blog, Michael Schmidt asks the question; “Progressive Conservative: a farce or a real mission”. Here’s an excerpt from that:

Michael Schmidt's campaign postcard to attract support for his candidacy for the PC nomination.

“To look at the current attitude of voters to any party- philosophy reminds me of theater at its best. The Purpose of Parties was originally used to pool similar ideas together and shape politics with a united vision, with a strong voice. Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt explains “why politics” and “why with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives”

This is a self-interview with the well-known Ontario raw milk advocate and farmer Michael Schmidt, who is running for the PC-nomination in the riding of Grey Bruce Owen Sound. This interview is “reprinted” from Michael Schmidt’s political blog where it is titled “Waking Up…..NOW”:

Michael Schmidt talks to a Sun Media reporter after one of his many Queen's Park news conferences

MS: Michael let me ask you first of all; why are you even considering going into politics? Continue reading


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