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Sean McGivern and Michael Schmidt are forming new “Practical Farmers” group to meet March 31st, and seek adjustment of supply management

From Jim Algie, in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“It’s worth noticing that Grey County farm policy reformer Sean McGivern prefers to talk these days about a “readjustment” in agricultural supply management.

Considering the direction from which he has come, the Desboro-based founder of a proposed new general farm organization could be talking instead about scrapping the controversial Canadian system for controlling farm production of some commodities.

An energetic, entrepreneurial, organic farmer who has run up against the system’s production limitations personally, McGivern might have joined the chorus of high profile non-farm commentators seeking to dismantle supply management. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt to speak at “Practical Farmers of Ontario” founding meeting

From Eastern Ontario Agri-News:

PETERBOROUGH – A group of producers with a vision of a more hands-on farm organization is holding the first annual general meeting of the Practical Farmers of Ontario (PFO) at Trent University here Sat., March 31.

“Our aims are to be a strong voice for farmers, but we feel a strong voice isn’t enough if we don’t follow up our voice with action, so we really want to be an action based group that works on problems and issues and takes action on them to get the desired results. Actions can and will come in many different forms and each situation will present a new set of challenges and different resources to be proactive and in archiving a positive outcome,” says Tom McGivern of Grey County, one of the group’s founding members. Continue reading

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Rare sheep are now on death row

From Alyshah Hasham in the Toronto Star.

Photo via the Toronto Star.

“Montana Jones loves her Shropshire sheep.

She raises the rare heritage breed at no profit in a bid to protect the bloodlines tracing back to some of the first sheep on Canadian shores.

But the fluffy romance of 12 years has become a nightmare, with more than half of her flock of 75 slated for the chopping block for no reason, says the farmer.

Her Wholearth Farm in Hastings, near Peterborough, was put under quarantine and listed as a possible source of infection after a ewe she sold to an Alberta farmer five years ago was diagnosed with scrapie. Continue reading


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