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Raw milk, TED, and the resurgence of neo-primitive consciousness

Scientist Rupert Sheldrake was exiled from TED after spouting this heresy:

TED has been told, it would seem. They’ve been told to hew to the materialist dogma, and to eschew what they are calling bad science, or pseudoscience. Because back in the earlier days, it sure looked like they were a little more open minded. This latest edict has put the kibosh on all that. Health Ranger Mike Adams at Natural News is even reporting that the new TED is to be pro-GMO and anti-diet-affects-health. Now that’s going to stretch many people’s credulity. But now that TED’s gone mainstream and attracting a mainstream audience, evidently there are some who feel the message needs to be massaged accordingly. Continue reading


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If food sovereignty was a basic right…

“The mostly unspoken basis of the 1787-88 Constitution, in the minds of its framers, was to establish a monopoly on political and economic power by elites: Landed, merchant, creditor elites. Their success depended mostly on their having a coherent ideology and plan.
In the same way, if we envision a New Constitutional Convention, it won’t do to be scattershot, starting on an ad hoc basis, speculating about how this or that sounds good. That’s sort of what I did in this post, proposing a list of possible amendments. Let’s review:

* The enshrinement of Food Sovereignty as a basic right. (This would certainly have been the First Amendment if anyone in 1788 could have contemplated a day when the federal government would explicitly deny we have a right to grow and eat the foods of our choice. But even the opponents of the centralized government who demanded the inclusion of a Bill of Rights, as suspicious as they were, never contemplated such an obscene assault on our liberty and dignity.) Continue reading

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Interview with Michael Schmidt on the eve of the Crown appeal of his raw milk victory in January of 2010

This just in from Michael Schmidt, a self-interview on the eve of the Crown appeal tomorrow in Newmarket:

Raw milk farmer and advocate Michael Schmidt, getting ready for an interview, outside the courthouse at 50 Eagle Street Newmarket, where tomorrow's appeal will be heard.

Searching for the tipping point and avoiding the breaking point

Unexpected I was able to connect with Michael Schmidt just a day before tomorrow’s Ontario Governments appeal hearing in Newmarket. It was a surprise because he is very hard to reach. Reflecting on his own future and role within the food rights and farming movement he is opening a door into his very private struggles about the certainty of the uncertain future. MS


Michael as we have done many times before it is once again an adventure to sit down with you and ponder some questions many want answers to and many are too scared to ask. Continue reading


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Farmer Wendell Berry honoured in U.S.

Fred Clark, writing on The Slacktivist blog:

“That picture there (by AP photographer Charles Dharapak) shows President Barack Obama presenting Wendell Berry with a 2010 National Humanities Medal on Wednesday at the White House.

Wendell Berry scares me. He is a poet, novelist, essayist, farmer, husband, conservationist, radical and gentleman. He writes with an unrivaled clarity of language, clarity of thought and clarity of conviction. It’s that conviction that scares me, because often when I read Wendell Berry I can’t help but think that if he is right, then a great deal of the rest of the world is wrong. And he usually seems to be right.

His Port Royal novels are gently beautiful, slowly building a world that sneaks up on you. But his collections of essays are probably my favorites. Let me recommend Home Economics, What Are People For?, The Hidden Wound and, oh let’s say, Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community, for starters. Continue reading

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Raw milk’s role in engendering forces within the human being that can then be used for “psychic” healing

The subject of spiritual healing is a huge topic. While perusing a book on the subject recently (“Spirit Healing” by Bob Woodward) I was intrigued to encounter the following passage, attributed to Rudolf Steiner, who is otherwise known for his role in founding Biodynamic farming:

From a lecture titled “Problems of Nutrition“:

“Weak as well as strong organisms can gain support from milk. If a person were to live exclusively on milk for a time, then not only would his regular forces be awakened but it would also go beyond this. He would receive from it an influx of forces giving him additional strength. A surplus of forces would be acquired that could be developed into healing forces. In order to possess a force, it must first be acquired, and in milk we see one means of developing certain forces in ourselves. Those who are moved by the earnestness of life to develop certain psychic healing forces, can train themselves to attain them. Naturally we must remember that what is suitable for one, is not suitable for all. This is a manner for the individual. One person is able to do it, another not.” Continue reading


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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “The Power of the Postive NO”

Posterized image of farmer Michael Schmidt

The passionate debates about lost rights, corruption, freedom, and responsibility is just that . . . a debate with few consequences and results unless, that is, one begins to understand the interesting dynamics of the human soul within these current debates.

The empowerment through position and mandate is very often mistaken as real authority. Authority in the current common understanding simply means that someone can tell you what to do. This fake authority, assumed through position or mandate, very often creates a strange dynamic where one must struggle to look behind the mask in order to find the human being. It is truly remarkable how many bureaucrats gain power through this anonymous process. Continue reading


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