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Bag Ag Gag Bills — what a tangled web

From Dan Imhoff, on Civil Eats:

USDA Image via Toronto pig save. Sadly many pigs don’t have it so good.

“When might it be punishable to report a criminal activity? When it takes place inside a poultry warehouse, slaughterhouse, or on a cattle feedlot. That’s the upshot of a new wave of so-called “ag-gag” bills passed in state legislatures around the nation, the latest of which, AB 343, was introduced in California last month. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s B.C. raw milk farm “Our Cows” searched by health officials

From Robert Freeman in the Chilliwack Progress:

"Our Cows" members share a day on the farm. Photo from Hella D blog. Click to go there.

“A search warrant was executed by health officials last week at the Chilliwack dairy farm at the centre of the raw milk controversy in B.C.

Nothing was seized during the Aug. 25 search, but Fraser Health Authority spokesman Roy Thorpe-Dorward said photographs of the farm on Prairie Central Road are being reviewed to determine if a permanent court injunction issued last year against distribution of raw milk is being obeyed by the current farm owner.  Continue reading

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Hiding how factory food is grown “behind closed doors”

From a New York Times editorial:

People are getting more sensitive to the ethical dilemmas involved with what can easily be seen as systematic torture of other species for corporate gain. In this picture (from Tumblr) , rabbits are restrained for "scientific" testing of chemical products. Will pictures like this soon be verboten?

“A supermarket shopper buying hamburger, eggs or milk has every reason, and every right, to wonder how they were produced. The answer, in industrial agriculture, is “behind closed doors,” and that’s how the industry wants to keep it.

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Raw milk picture post from court house in New Westminster B.C. where Alice Jongerden faced contempt charges

Michael Schmidt has been in B.C. attending the contempt of court trial of Alice Jongerden, former agister of Home on the Range raw dairy in Chilliwack. Michael has since taken over the cowshare farm and renamed it “Our Cows”. He sends these photos and this brief report, from yesterday at the courthouse in New Westminster:

Surrounded by cowshare friends and Alice Jongerden (on his right) Michael Schmidt washes his face with Cleopatra's raw milk skin care lotion under the watchful eye of the first judge of B.C.

The hearing into the contempt charges of Alice continued without a ruling by the Judge. Continue reading

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