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“Everyone is a farmer”, says embattled Michigan “feral” pig farmer Mark Baker

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“Michigan pig farmer Mark Baker has been under a virtual embargo the last several months because of his state’s prohibition on raising so-called “feral” pigs–essentially any pigs that Big Ag doesn’t want to see produced. The high-end restaurants he formerly supplied with heritage pork don’t want to do business with him for fear local public health authorities will come down on them. The local USDA slaughterhouse won’t handle his pigs because its owners fears regulator reprisals.

So Baker has begun exploiting the only option he could think of: taking his knowledge about pig butchering and meat curing on the road. His first stop was this weekend at a home in Concord, MA, nearly within sight of the Old North Bridge, where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired in 1775. Continue reading

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Ottawa to set up new long pig registry?

From Al Pope, writing in Yukon News.com:

Have you registered your pig yet? Click image to go to source.

“According to a mail-out from Agriculture Canada and the government of Yukon, Canadians are now required to register their pigs. Under the National Agriculture and Food Traceability program, all pigs must be registered, for safety purposes.

They’re kidding right? This can’t possibly be the Harper government at work. Surely the champions of freedom who are in the process of dismantling the odious gun registry aren’t about to replace it with a pig registry? The Nordicity research team has been working on this day and night, and we have uncovered some shocking truths. For instance, pet pot-belly pigs, which are short as well as stout, are exempt from the registry. Which means, of course, that Canada is embarked upon a national long-pig registry. Continue reading


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MNR drops charges against Mark Tijssen over backyard pig slaughter

Michael Schmidt, with Mark Tijssen and former Landowner Association president Jack McLaren

Michael Schmidt’s introduction: 

This is an interesting and not really surprising development. Allan Ryan was also there the lawyer arguing on the behalf of the MNR. What is also interesting that in this case no powerful lobby group pushing for punishment at all cost is in the background. Pork is not supply managed. The waste of energy, the waste of time, the waste of resources is appalling to say the least. Continue reading


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Much ado about 40 lbs of pig meat

Received today from raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

The Show Goes On………….and On

The seemingly never-ending saga of Regina vs Mark Tijssen for sharing home-slaughtered pork with a friend moves into a new phase on Friday February 18 at 3pm. A Judicial Pre-Trial will be held in Courtroom # 8 of Ottawa’s Elgin Street courthouse in front of Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice Lise Maisonneuve. The outcome is expected be a trial date for Tijssen. Continue reading


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“Drop the pig and put your hands in the air” — National Post on Mark Tijssen

Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick wrote this story for the National Post:

Mark Tijssen, the amateur butcher of Carlsbad Springs, with his sons. Landowner photo.

Taking away every Canadian’s right to butcher.

When a responsible citizen shared freshly slaughtered pork with a friend, the government sent in armed officers.

The maxim “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” made sense back in the days when the only kind of acts that were illegal were genuine crimes that caused palpable harm to innocent victims: murder, rape, theft, etc. Continue reading


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CBC News on Mark Tijssen asking for a judge instead of a justice of the peace, so he can cite Charter in pig sharing case

CBC News covers the Mark Tijssen case in a story titled “Pig slaughter case sees Ottawa man cite charter”:

Mark Tijssen, the man at the centre of the controversy, outside his Ottawa-area home. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt

An Ottawa man who faces charges after slaughtering a pig and sharing the meat with a friend wants an Ontario court judge to hear his case so he can mount a defence based on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Mark Tijssen was charged under the Ontario Food Safety and Quality Act last November after a friend left his home in the eastern Ottawa community of Carlsbad Springs with 40 pounds of pork from a pig they had slaughtered. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt, media, landowners at Mark Tijssen’s trial in Ottawa Tuesday for slaughtering and sharing a pig

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt reports from the Mark Tijssen trial in Ottawa yesterday:

The case attracts media interest. Mark Tijssen, flanked by Michael Schmidt, talks to television reporters

Why are those who claim to protect the public such cowards? Continue reading


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