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Farmers markets at the front lines of food access, as Loblaws exec Galen Weston says they’ll kill people

A story today in the Toronto Star reports that at a recent food conference sponsored by Loblaws, Galen Weston said that while farmers markets are great, someday they’ll kill some people. Meanwhile, in Portland, Maine, farmers are going to be able to legally sell raw milk at the local farmers market without warning labels:

A farmers market in Portland Maine where you'll be able to buy raw milk without a warning label. The Portland Press Herald reports that city councilors Monday authorized dairy farmers to sell unpasteurized milk at Deering Oaks, above, and Portland's other farmers markets without having to explain the risks of consuming raw milk. Photo: Shawn Patrick Ouellette. Click for story.

First from Food Editor Jennifer Bain, in the Toronto Star:

“An off-the-cuff remark by Galen Weston at the Canadian Food Summit has enraged the farmers’ markets community and local food lovers.

“Farmers’ markets are great. . . ,” Weston said Tuesday during a speech to about 600 people at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, but added: “One day they’re going to kill some people though.” Continue reading


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Raw milk at Portland farmers markets

From Seth Koenig in the Bangor Daily News:

“PORTLAND, Maine — Raw milk and malt liquor are among the products to be allowed at the Portland farmers’ market after the City Council on Monday night expanded its list of approved market items.

Vendors lobbied for the change, arguing in part that fresh, unpasteurized cow milk is allowed in stores and many other farmers’ markets around the state.

Raw milk has not gone through the pasteurization process that slows microbial growth that can be dangerous to pregnant women, children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems. But the process also strips the milk of some of its natural nutrients and preservatives — such as the sulfate form of vitamin D3 — advocates told the council. Continue reading


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Making fun of locavores in Portlandia

From the TV show, Portlandia:

From Heather Malick in the Toronto Star:

“…As early as February, the city, having halted prosecutions of the urban chicken movement, will study small no-roosters urban coops. My favourite city councillor, the sainted Mary-Margaret McMahon (Ward 32, Beaches-East York), is thrilled. “It’ll be people who are into urban agriculture and food security and growing vegetables in their yard.” She dismisses worries about smells and noise.

I do not. I have enough trouble with the smells and noise of humans without coping with their poultry. Continue reading


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Raw milk on the radio in Portland


Click here to go to a page where you can hear the program.

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Seven year old child’s lemonade stand latest target of crackdown in Oregon

Here’s an excerpt from the story dated Wed. Aug. 4th, from the OregonLive.com news website:

Julie Murphy of Oregon City still smiles about her enterprise despite running afoul of county inspectors for an unlicensed lemonade stand at Last Thursday. Photo: Torsten Kjellstrand / The Oregonian

“It’s hardly unusual to hear small-business owners gripe about licensing requirements or complain that heavy-handed regulations are driving them into the red. Continue reading


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The men who stare at urban dairy goats

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new movie out titled “The men who stare at goats“. While that’s all about military psyops and such, this post is actually about people who raise dairy goats in an urban setting.. for instance so they’ll have a ready supply of raw milk and not be dependent on the whims of regulators. This is an excerpt from Jennifer Coughlin’s excellent post on “Neighbourhood Notes” blog, titled “Goats in the City: Portland Neighbors Take a Step Towards Self-Sufficiency“:

And the goats are staring right back!

“I have said before that the lessons of our grandparents could really come in handy now that our gross economic negligence has come back to bite us in our entitled behinds (NOTE: I am making a big generalization for effect here, so don’t get upset if you don’t feel that you’re in any way responsible for the Fine Mess the U.S. finds itself in). It seems that others feel that way, too, that a return to the ways of our much more self-reliant ancestors is long overdue. Thus more and more folks are planting vegetable gardens, learning to sew and knit, and are even keeping livestock. Chicken coops (and even bee hives!) are a familiar sight around Portland, but some people are turning to another animal as well—the goat. Continue reading

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