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From today’s Crown appeal of Michael Schmidt raw milk case in Newmarket

By Linda Nguyen, Postmedia News:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt talks to Post media reporter outside the Newmarket courthouse during a break from the appeal proceedings

“NEWMARKET, Ont. — A justice of the peace made critical legal mistakes when he found dairy farmer Michael Schmidt not guilty of distributing raw milk and cheeses last year, argued the Ontario government Wednesday in an appeal of the landmark case.

Ontario justice of the peace Paul Kowarsky erred in the January 2010 ruling when he threw out 19 charges related to the distribution, production and sale of raw milk against the Durham, Ont., farmer and cow-share operator, said Crown lawyer Alan Ryan.

It is illegal to market, sell, distribute or deliver unpasteurized milk or cream. Yet, it is legal to drink raw milk or use the raw milk to make cheese. Continue reading


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