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Report from May 2011 Prague raw milk conference at which Michael Schmidt was one of the featured presenters

Click image above to download 629 Mb pdf file of conference proceedings.


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Catching up on the latest with Ontario raw milk farmer and food freedom advocate, Michael Schmidt

An interview with Canadian raw milk farmer and advocate Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt speaks at the Liberty Summer Seminar in Ontario.

Michael Interview with Michael


Michael as the summer begins to fade many are wanting to know what has happened the last 4 months.


I returned from the international conference on raw milk in Prague  with the desire to slow down my travels.

In the plane I added up all my flights of the last 12 months related to food rights and raw milk issues: I covered over 75,000 km in the air. That was a shock and a wake up call. Continue reading


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Fighting for fundamental food rights

Michael Schmidt reports on his participation earlier this summer in the first international conference on food safety and quality of organic food in Prague:


Michael Schmidt, biodynamic farmer in Canada

I am here as a farmer, not as a scientist. The urgently needed scientific debate in Canada has been compromised through very often violent political actions towards farmers and consumers  As a result a constructive dialogue about the merits of raw milk for human consumption has been prevented so far.   We have been witnessing this growing anti raw milk enforcement for the last 25 years in North America. Currently we are facing in the US and Canada the enforcement of an “absolute no risk policy” as it relates to raw milk. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s “back from Europe” report from Prague, part 1

Glencolton Farms was blessed in the last two weeks with grade 3 students, home schoolers, grade nine students and the adult education students from the Steiner Center in Toronto

This just in from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

We just got out of Europe before they grounded the airplanes because of volcanic ashes. Toooo bad.

The culture of food in Europe once again keeps amazing me every time I cross the pond. Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt has “left the city” after speaking at a raw milk conference in Prague last week

We’ve received word that Michael Schmidt has finished his presentation at the raw milk conference in Prague May 20th, and is en route to other European destinations. We hope to have more detailed news soon. Meanwhile here is a photo from earlier this spring of Michael at the Weston A. Price Foundation table at Toronto’s Total Health show:

That's Michael Schmidt towards the right side of the photo, with a few of his many WAPF friends.

Original caption: “The Weston A. Price Foundation exhibited at Total Health Show in Toronto, Canada and Liz Pitfield served as a “distributor” of our DVD – they only have 6 or 7 left out of 30 she reported!” Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt off to Europe to talk about the raw milk repression and resistance here in North America

Update from Michael Schmidt, who for a brief while, is back at his farm in Durham Ontario before heading off to Prague for another raw milk conference:

Vive la difference -- raw milk automats are a popular form of distribution across Europe.

Last week was like running a marathon, a raw milk marathon. Many new and interesting developments are happening across the North American continent which are not all positive I have to say. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt to speak at raw milk conference May 20th, 2011 in Prague

Image above from the conference poster. Click image to download poster (711 Kb pdf file)

The conference will be in conjunction with the First International Conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research Prague, Czech Republic, 20 May 2011, 11-18 h

Organisation: Department for Biodynamic Agriculture of the University of Kassel

The focus of the symposium will be on: Understanding the health benefits and value of fresh, unprocessed whole milk, and management of the possible risks of bacterial diseases from raw milk consumption. The goal of the symposium is to present and discuss the contradictive aspects of (raw) milk in relation to animal and human health. New scientific research findings will be presented about the different health and hazard aspects of raw milk examining the questions: Continue reading


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