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Milk skirmishes at the EU in Brussels

Nothing specifically to do with raw milk, but it sure does make for some dramatic looking pictures! Story from Agri 007 blog:
Farmers spray milk at riot police in Brussels, pic via Fox News.

Farmers spray milk at riot police in Brussels, pic via Fox News.

BRUSSELS – Dairy farmers sprayed thousands of litres of fresh milk at the European Parliament in Brussels to protest excessive milk quotas and prices below the cost of production, reports Reuters news agency. Continue reading


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Raw milk freedom riders are riding to Chicago to take their challenge to FDA interstate prohibitions to the next level

From the Raw Milk Freedom Riders’ blog:

Raw milk freedom riders are taking it to the next level in Chicago.

You are invited to join the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, Food Freedom Advocates from around the country, local and national press and Maybe the FDA and law enforcement* at our next Freedom Ride coming to Chicago IL.

Who:      Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Speakers from around the U.S.

What:     100 gallons of Raw Milk and Cookies to be distributed in support of Food Freedom Continue reading

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Raw milk rallies across Canada this Wednesday Nov. 23rd including one in Toronto at Queen’s Park

Here is the list of raw milk rallies planned for November 23rd, all across Canada. Perhaps one of them is in your neck of the woods:

Michael Schmidt had an informal chat with friends about the state of all things raw milk a couple of hours ago at the Toronto Waldorf school Arts and Crafts show in Thornhill.

November 23rd in BC – Nadine Ijaz and Jan Steinman are doing a rally at the legislature building in Victoria.  They may be milking a cow and a goat.  An update on that should be forthcoming.   They will also be bringing milk across the border to drink at the rally.  You can reach Nadine atnadineijaz@gmail.com and Jan at jan@bytesmiths.com.

November 23rd Vancouver BC – 11 am 12.00pm Olympic Cauldron, 1055 Canada Place Vancouver.  Event Organizer Alice Jongerden invites members of the public to attend, key note speakers, live cooking event with celebrity chefs.  Nearest Skytrain and Canada Line Waterfront, also the Seabus terminal is a 4 minute walk away. Alice can be reached atalice@homeontherangefarms.com. Continue reading

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Raw emotion at the raw milk protest yesterday in Kemptville, near Ottawa

From Joseph Morin, in the Advance:


“Raw milk consumers raised a glass of their milk in protest on Wednesday afternoon in Kemptville.

Campaigning for the right to share their appreciation for raw milk as a healthy source of nutrition. More than 50 people gathered in the parking lot of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at the University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus. Continue reading

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Mothers to transport raw milk across state lines and serve it in front of the FDA headquarters in Maryland in an act of civil disobedient protest

From a recent media advisory:


“Don’t Turn Us Into Criminals over Milk!” Demand Moms 


What: —A group of mothers from across the country who feed their children raw milk plan to hold a demonstration to protest the FDA’s crackdown on raw milk production and distribution, arguing that the government campaign not only criminalizes raw milk, but criminalizes the American citizens who buy and consume it.

Prior to their peaceful demonstration, a caravan of mothers will cross state lines with raw milk and invite the FDA to witness what the agency wrongly considers to be a criminal act. Media are invited to ride along as embedded reporters to report on how the FDA responds to what it wrongly terms a violation of the law.  Continue reading


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More raw milk farmers and advocates join Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog;

Raw milk farmers Michael Schmidt, in happier times, at a news conference the day before the verdict was announced reversing his acquittal on 15 raw milk related charges from November 2006.

“…The worldwide protest movement has already arrived in the U.S., on Wall Street, where hundreds of people from around the country have gathered to protest the power of America’s banks in grabbing resources via bailouts and favorable treatment by the country’s all-powerful Federal Reserve Bank.

How does the Food Rights movement fit into all of this? It’s probably too early to say for sure how it fits in, or even whether it fits in at all. Continue reading

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Herd share members bring their goats downtown to protest crackdown

From Jason Hoppin in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Mali McGee and friends lead goats across the street from Wednesday's downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market where she proceeded to milk her Bonny Doon goats and pass out samples to protest the state's crackdown on dairy collectives. (DAN COYRO/SENTINEL)

“SANTA CRUZ – Boulder Creek resident Annette Mello, who had sworn off milk, tipped a cup of fresh, warm goat’s milk to her lips and took a drink.

Mello was part of a small group of people who gathered across from the downtown Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market Wednesday for an act of civil disobedience: drinking raw milk from an unlicensed Bonny Doon dairy. Five of the county’s estimated 20 dairy collectives, or “herd shares,” gathered to protest a series of cease-and-desist letters sent by state regulators to similar farms across the state. Continue reading

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