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Yet another public health danger…

As if dealing with raw milk farmers wasn’t keeping public health officials busy enough, here’s something else people are doing to themselves, as if to drive the nanny state apoplexic. From Butch News Youtube channel, via Facebook:

Can you believe this? People seem to be doing whatever they like with their bodies with no regard for the feelings and interests of the State. Clearly public health has a role here to ensure people’s safety.

“Public health authorities across Canada are struggling to address the growing popularity of body modifications such as splitting one’s tongue like a snake’s and surgically altering ears to make them elf-like and pointy, fearing the spread of infection in an unregulated industry. Continue reading


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NPR on raw milk: between personal experience and government science

Below we have an excerpt from a piece written recently by National Public Radio’s ombudsman, in response to listener feedback. Listeners wondered why reporters and commentators on a publicly funded radio network would express opinions that cast doubt the wisdom of government policy and seemed to ignore what they viewed as established consensus among the public health community. An interesting question indeed:

“When it comes to raw milk, even a simple story can turn sour on some listeners. There’s an ongoing controversy over raw milk’s safety. Proponents hail its taste and nutrients. Adversaries worry about deadly food-borne diseases. Government regulators are caught in between, accused of being too lax, too stiff or too in bed with Big Dairy. Continue reading


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Raw milk outbreak, Canadian style

From a document on the Grey Bruce Health Unit website:

“It is impossible to produce sterile milk directly from an animal source. Sources of contamination include commensal or pathogenic flora of the udder or teat canal, the animal’s skin, fecal soiling of the udder, contaminated milking equipment, water used to clean the milking equipment, and milk storage containers. In addition, commensal or pathogenic organisms from milkers, insects, rodents, birds, and other animals may enter milk.

The consumption of unpasteurized or raw milk has always been dangerous and the same holds true today. Pasteurization of milk kills most potential pathogenic organisms but does not sterilize the milk. Continue reading


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Grey Bruce Health Unit still mulling what to do about further charges in Michael Schmidt raw milk case

From Tracey Richardson in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

A toast for the Queen, whose family are known drinkers of raw milk at the Owen Sound raw milk rally in October 2011 during which milk was seized by Chris Munn of the Grey Bruce health unit. For more on the earlier story around this incident click on the image above.

“The Grey Bruce Health Unit has yet to decide if it will bring new charges against Durham area dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, but medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn promises the matter will not be dropped.

On Oct. 13, Schmidt allegedly distributed unpasteurized milk at a public rally outside the health unit office in Owen Sound. That followed a September Ontario Court of Justice ruling that upheld several charges against Schmidt, brought by the province in 2006, related to the production and distribution of raw milk.

In November, Schmidt was fined $9,150 and placed on probation for a year. He has publicly declared that he will not pay the fine. Continue reading


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Fear and loathing in the dairy industry

David E. Gumpert reveals why those dairy industry types have their knickers in a knot over raw milk. From the Complete Patient blog:

“Why does the dairy industry push the U.S. Food and Drug Administration so hard to crack down on raw dairy producers?

The dairy industry seems to be mostly in the background, and any publicly-offered reasoning is always to the effect that illnesses from raw dairy taint the entire dairy industry. Of course, we know that is ridiculous, since fear of raw dairy wouldn’t taint the dairy industry, but rather push more of the market toward pasteurized dairy…if there was a serious risk from raw dairy. The problem with the dairy industry’s rationalizing is that there isn’t a serious public health risk from raw milk.  Continue reading

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Health inspectors check out third annual raw milk symposium in MN

The latest from David E. Gumpert at The Complete Patient blog:

“Last Thursday, the day before the Third Annual Raw Milk Symposium was due to get under way at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Bloomington, MN, hotel chef Pierre Jean Laupies had a visit from two local health department inspectors.

“They said they received a complaint,” he related in a conversation this morning. “They told me, ‘Do not use raw milk. Do not handle raw milk.’” (Who made the “complaint”? Ah, the inspectors couldn’t say. Maybe Joe in communicable diseases, or Mary in restaurant inspections. Or maybe an inspector just saw the Symposium’s reference to the upcoming “unveiling of our Traditional Foods Menu” for the weekend, and  didn’t know what the hell traditional foods are.) Continue reading

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Ungraded egg crackdown raises public health concerns in Toronto Canada

Robert Cribb at the Toronto Star:

“Tens of thousands of illegal eggs — some covered in fecal matter and feathers — have emerged in a crackdown on GTA food retailers and wholesalers, prompting public health concerns and pending charges against nine companies so far.

The investigation, led by Toronto Public Health, York Region and the provincial natural resources ministry, discovered ungraded eggs “in very bad shape” across the region. In Toronto, at least six food establishments have charges pending:…” Continue reading

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