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Marketing mojo rebuilds confidence in Maple Leaf Foods after Listeria deaths

From Kristin Laird at Marketing Mag.ca

"Putting a fork in it" Maple Leaf Foods style. Photo via Marketing Mag.

“Graham, formerly CMO at Rogers Communications, started working with Maple Leaf Foods as a consultant following a listeria outbreak in 2008 that killed 22 people and prompted massive product recalls.

That same year, the company posted a third-quarter loss of $12.9 million. In the fourth quarter, Maple Leaf said the recall cost the company an estimated $59 million to $69 million before taxes and profits were down 40%.

The company also had a dramatic fall in the Marketing/Leger Corporate Reputations ranking—which asks consumers if they have a good or bad opinion of the company—dropping from 21 to 76 in 2009 and a further 10 spots in 2010. Continue reading


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Cafe Mom blog “Stir” calls raw milk “the sexy bad boy of the dairy industry”

That’s right folks, you read it right. Raw milk is not ALL about health. It’s also about attitude, about being sexy. I hope you’ll excuse me if I take this opportunity to repost that Terry Richardson photo of Josie Maran:

What can I say? Is it any wonder that Terry Richardson, the "bad boy" of fashion photography, would naturally gravitate to employing raw milk is such a way. As for supermodel Josie Maran, she said "I was grossed out at first, but it was the most delicious milk I'd ever tasted". Terry Richardson photo.

From the Cafe Mom blog, “Stir”:

“Wanna be a rebel, on the cutting edge of a food trend with attitude? Continue reading

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Criminalizing raw milk makes Canada look ignorant — even to Americans

Is this man a criminal? Farmer Michael Schmidt talks to media outside the Newmarket court house October 20th.

Is this man a criminal? Farmer Michael Schmidt talks to media outside the Newmarket court house October 20th.

Here’s an editorial by Kimberley Hartke, writing from the United States. Believe it or not, even the Americans take a more enlightened attitude to raw milk that do we in Canada. Thanks to Pam Killeen for passing this along to The Bovine:

Dear Canada: Michael Schmidt is Not a Criminal

There are three compelling reasons why Michael Schmidt’s cow-boarding program is not wrong and why all 20 charges against him, including the recent contempt finding, should be dismissed.

Number one: The raw milk he produces has made no one sick—in twenty years. Claims by his health officials and competitors that his product is ‘dangerous’ are just that– baseless claims designed to scare the public, with the end goal of preventing the increasing popularity of raw milk. The Milk Marketing Boards are right, modern, industrial dairy products from factory cows need to be pasteurized. In contrast, Schmidt’s raw dairy is inherently safe because the cows are not confined, and they are raised in their natural habitat, on green grass pastures in plenty of sunshine. Continue reading


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