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Action Alert from “Our Farm Our Food”

The following message was circulated today to the farmshare community around Michael Schmidt and Glencolton Farms:

“We need your quiet presence in court on Monday, September 26 and Tuesday September 27, 2016

Michael Schmidt, Agricultural Renewal Coop, mothers, fathers, pastors and anyone involved in fresh milk production or consumption is threatened with arrest if they continue to provide raw milk or even encourage others to provide raw milk. The court proceedings are giving us a voice and we need YOU to stand with us. With 70 affidavits from farm owners, Michael and the attorneys are making the argument that this is a case of public interest. We need you there to help prove it!

Background: York Region put in a motion for permanent injunction against distribution of raw milk. There is a motion in front of the court right now to have the application from York region to converted from an application to an action. This would change the dynamics of the procedure from a hearing before a judge to a trial before a jury. We want this case to appear before a jury.

ACTION: Show the courts this is a case of public interest! Join us in peaceful presence as we witness court proceedings against Michael Schmidt, his family, the entire herdshare and food freedom itself. Your presence is the strongest message we can send.

WHEN: Monday, September 26 and Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 8:30a.m.-4:00pm each day

WHERE: Ontario Court of Justice, 50 Eagle Street West, Newmarket Ontario. Self-parking is available”

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At issue in allowing an appeal — is the Michael Schmidt raw milk case a matter of widespread public interest?

Farmer Michael Schmidt, following a previous court appearance.

Lawyer Karen Selick argues that it is. In court documents made public yesterday she argues that that the court should allow an appeal in part because of widespread public interest in the case. According to the documents, there are at least ten other raw milk cowshare operations in the province, modeled on Schmidt’s cowshare whose members will also be affected by this case.

Not to mention the 150 families involved as part of Schmidt’s own cowshare. In her submissions to the court she says that previous decisions in the case have left regular dairy farmers (88% of whom drink their milk raw) and even housewives at the whim of prosecutorial discretion because of overly broad interpretations of “distributing” and “operating a milk plant”.

Another indication of widespread interest in the case is the fact that the Michael Schmidt raw milk story has received extensive coverage in major media.

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