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Rawsome raid raw milk and food rights publicity bonanza on Colbert TV Report

Kimberly Hartke on the Colbert show feature about the Rawsome raid in L.A.:

Photos illustration by: AZRainman

When comedians start having a field day, it is a good day in politics.

Ok, so talking about vibrations may not be the best way to “sell” the health benefits of raw milk, but you have got to admit, this is important publicity of this event. I love the way the word raw turns to war on the milk bottle, the graphics department at Colbert Report is RAWESOME! I can’t wait until you see this! Continue reading

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“I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right” — P.T. Barnum

Or, as it often seems in the case of attempts at slandering raw milk, “no publicity is bad publicity”. Here’s a story showing that, just because you operate in a jurisdiction in which raw milk is legal, doesn’t mean you’re not going to have the sort of problems with health departments that Home on the Range has been having lately. Again, this missive is from Gordon Watson:

“DUNGENESS — In the last month of 2009, the Dungeness Valley Creamery faced one of the worst things that can befall a small food business.

Now, in the first month of 2010, the family-owned dairy is awash in local love.

That’s not too strong a word for the response, after Dec. 2, from North Olympic Peninsula residents who drink the raw milk from the dairy just north of Sequim. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms at Total Health and Green Living shows

Yes, once again this year, Glencolton Farms will be represented (mostly by volunteer cowshare members) at booths at Toronto’s two top spring health shows — this weekend’s Total Health  and next weekend’s Green Living show. 

I wonder if Michael will rate a sign like this again this year.

I wonder if Michael will rate a sign like this again this year. Photo by Paul Ciaravella

The sign in the picture above was from last year’s Green Living show, and was apparently the result of a compromise reached within the show’s management between those who felt that Michael Schmidt brought an important dimension of authenticity to the message of the show and those who felt his message and his “product” were too controversial. No one else at the show had a sign like this at their booth. Here’s the story from Paul Ciaravella who helped organize Glencolton’s participation in these shows: Continue reading

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