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Whole Foods in trouble over “certified organic” foods that are grown in China

Via Cryptogon.com: (video below not directly related)

“We buy some organic foods in bulk from wholesale distributors here in New Zealand. Increasingly, if we want to buy these ‘certified organic’ bulk foods, the country of origin is China. Continue reading


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Why raw milk safety is a big deal

David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“It’s not a great time to be trying to convince raw milk advocates–farmers and consumers alike–about the importance of a heightened emphasis on safety. Not at a time when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which frequently argues that raw milk can’t be produced safely in any event, is doing undercover investigations poking around in people’s garages and back yards, and filing for a permanent injunction against an Amish farmer. Or when public health and agriculture officials from Minnesota and Wisconsin continue to try to make life miserable for raw dairy producers and consumers.

But I made the effort, nonetheless, at the Raw Milk Symposium in Bloomington, MN, Saturday, as part of a panel discussion. My argument wasn’t that we have a sudden public health crisis around raw milk, but rather that we have a perception problem–a perception in certain segments of the public that farmers and consumers alike are insensitive to cases of illness from raw milk.  Continue reading


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Raw milk warning — Do you know where YOUR raw milk comes from?

By Gary Wilson, special to The Bovine:

If you are looking for a source of raw cow’s milk to drink, you should be aware that not all cow’s milk is created equal. If you fail to investigate the methods employed in producing the raw milk you plan to drink, not only might you not get any nutritional benefits that you hoped for but you might be consuming raw milk that puts your health at risk.

As part of his study performed from 1932 to 1942, Francis Pottenger, Jr., MD compared the effects of feeding cats a diet of two thirds raw milk with one third raw meat to a diet of two thirds pasteurized milk with one third raw meat. While cats on the raw milk with raw meat remained healthy generation after generation, those on pasteurized milk with raw meat did not. The raw milk in this portion of the study came from cows fed fresh feed. Continue reading


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Shoemakers redefine high-end dairy

From Rachel Dodes in the Wall Street Journal:

“…Last year, Arethusa, their 325-acre farm in Litchfield County, began selling pricey branded milk and yogurt at 23 retail accounts, including Whole Foods. The milk sells for $4.49 per half-gallon, or more than twice the national retail average.

Arethusa’s products, like the footwear, are being touted for their careful production and limited distribution. The farm’s milk, packaged in a plastic bottle emblazoned with cows and the logo “Milk Like it Used to Taste,” is sourced only from the farm’s 350 show-strutting cows.

“Are we going to do some kind of berry granola crunch yogurt? No!” says Mr. Malkemus, who prefers to stick with the classics in both of his businesses. “We don’t do platforms,” he adds, dismissing the top shoe trend of the past three years.

Their venture is putting to the test just how far dairy marketers can milk the notion of exclusivity. Not everyone swallows the idea. Continue reading


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Survey indicates demand for raw dairy and nutrient-dense foods will increase

The latest from David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog:

“…Evidence is mounting that demand for raw dairy and other nutrient-dense foods will continue, even accelerate. The latest indication comes from the huge accounting and consulting firm, Deloitte, which has just published results of a national survey on “Consumer Food Safety”. While the focus of the survey is on safety, when it comes to food, a higher percentage of respondents (54%) are concerned about “healthiness of the ingredients or product” than “safety of the ingredients or the product” (49%). (See page 9 of the report.)

This isn’t to suggest that safety isn’t a major worry, but mainly to highlight how widely the concerns about health are spreading. This constitutes a major business opportunity for farmers of all types, especially dairy farmers. Look for more smart ones to take advantage of the opportunity that beckons and move to escape the market power Big Dairy wields over farmers, and finally begin to make money from their investment and labor.” Continue reading

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What do Toyota and raw milk have in common? — increased sales, and….

David E. Gumpert’s latest thoughts on the evolving raw milk scene in America. Is demand for product leading to cut corners and compromised quality in the raw milk marketplace? An excerpt:

Can't remember where I found this creative concept ad -- but I knew it would come in handy someday. Dansk Port Technic offers a special to Toyota owners -- 20% off garage door replacement. Ha ha ha!

“…..The more I learn about raw milk illnesses, the more I realize how naïve many of us raw milk consumers are. Continue reading

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