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Of dairy queens and human cheese

From Puff the Mutant Dragon blog:

Calvin and Hobbes comic strip via Puff the Mutant Dragon blog.

“A couple of years ago, an enterprising New York chef made headlines by serving cheese made from his wife’s breast milk. His stunt provoked a swift reaction from the New York Health Department, which didn’t seem to find this novelty menu item amusing. Despite his venture’s unsuccessful end, a London ice cream parlor tried to imitate him last year by selling a breast-milk-based product.

Do you find the idea of human cheese and ice cream bizarre? Disturbing? If so, it’s not very difficult to see why. What’s more difficult to explain is how we came to drink milk from other mammals in the first place. Continue reading

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Gordon Watson, race and raw milk

Readers may recall that we have implemented comment moderation back in October and what we’ve been chiefly excluding are comments from Gordon Watson, one the founders of the raw milk movement in B.C. Gordon has periodically written to the Bovine to complain about being not able to answer his critics, and so, in the interests of fairness, we are going to re-open that debate on The Bovine, even though, frankly, it’s outside our comfort zone. 

And just as an example of how you can talk about race without being racist, in his book “Civilization”, historian Niall Ferguson looks at what he calls “the west, and the rest” over the past 500 years, and tries to tease out what were the “killer apps” that allowed the west to maintain its ascendancy over “the rest”. And he considers the question of what is the outlook for the future. In his view the west has lost its nerve on a number of fronts and is starting to fall behind. Niall is married to a black woman, Ayann Hirsi Ali.

So does Gordon sees raw milk as some sort of catalyst for white people to regain their nerve vis a vis these qualities that once made the west dominant in the world? Continue reading


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