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Rally March 16, 8:30 am in Newmarket to Support Michael Schmidt, Raw Milk

From a recent news release from Kimberly Hartke:

Recent swat-style raids and arrest warrants on small farmers have inspired mothers and other activists to take their message, and a cow, to the courthouse where they plan to gather for a peaceful milk and cookies picnic. The rally will be at 8:30 am on March 16, 2016 Ontario Court of Justice 50 Eagle Street West in Newmarket Ontario.

The gathering will be followed by a court hearing to determine if an order will be issued to enforce the ban on distribution of raw milk in Ontario. Explicitly targeted by the application is anyone–mothers, farmers, fathers, health practitioners–who are engaged in distribution of raw milk or even ‘counseling others to….distribute unpasteurized milk.”              Continue reading


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Raw milk rally in Wisconsin Feb. 22nd

From the Wisconsin Raw Milk Association:

On Wednesday February 22, 2012 everyone is invited to help with The Raw Milk Lobby Day at the Capitol.

The Wisconsin Raw Milk Association and their lobbyist will be coordinating the morning’s efforts, and ask that you come out in full force to help educate your legislators that morning on the benefits of raw milk and how it can be produced safely for human consumption. Continue reading


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Cross Country raw milk check up cont’d — more November 23rd rally results

More new from yesterday’s raw milk rallies across the country:

At least four people took to the streets of Saskatoon with these colourful posters.

I’m sure there must have been more to the Saskatoon rally than that, but we seem to be in a bit of a news blackout just now. We’d love to know more of what went on. Anyone? Email thebovine AT gmx DOT com. Thanks! Continue reading

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Food Freedom Day Toronto rally part 2

More photos from yesterday’s Toronto rally at Queen’s Park, along with an excerpt from Margo McIntosh’s post about the day’s events on her “Balance Your Apple” blog:

Of course everyone was glad to see and hear from Michael Schmidt, who ended his 37 day hunger strike a couple of weeks ago and who has since gradually started eating again.

“….Many of us are waking up to the benefits of raw milk and many people right across Canada came together today to rally for the freedom to choose this real food without government intervention.   Continue reading

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Cross-country raw milk checkup — rallies ready to roll out tomorrow

From Charlene Bishop in Edmonton:

Poster for Nov. 23 raw milk events in Edmonton.

From Katy Helliwell (Regina):

OK, in Regina we are ready to go! Media and politicians in the know-check, posters made-check, speeches and speakers arranged-check, nice weather on its way-check so come on down to the Saskatchewan Legislature at noon on the 23rd. We need our collective voices to be heard so policies can begin to be reviewed and changed. Spread the word, see you there, thanks everyone!!

From Jan Steinman (Victoria, B.C.): Continue reading

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If, ands, and butts, of raising goats for raw milk — Jan Steinman’s transcript from last week’s radio interview

Photos and transcript from Raoul Bedi, in B.C.. By way of introduction, he says:

Farmer Jan Steinman "kidding "around with his pet goats. Raoul Bedi photo

My old friend Jan Steinman asked me to create a written transcript of his wonderful radio interview last week on “Grow Your Own Food” radio. Here it is. It has info on the upcoming rally at the BC provincial legislature as well.  Continue reading


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Milk and Cookies in the park in Fergus Monday Nov. 21, with Michael Schmidt

From a post by Pat Winter on the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page:

Michael Schmidt (left) in a picture from Pat Winter's Facebook page.

Meet Michael Schmidt in the park and partake of milk and cookies.

Click image above to go to the live Google map

Michael Schmidt,my farmer and friend, will be sentenced by Ontario Judge Peter Tetley on November 25, 2011 at 9:30 am per a recent appellate ruling which overturned a previous court decision that he did indeed have a legal right to provide cowshare owners with raw milk. Continue reading


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Nationwide raw milk rallies Nov. 23 in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, St. John’s, Wolfville

From Margo McIntosh at Balance Your Apple (current as of Nov. 6):

“….November 23rd in Ontario – at 11 a.m. we are having a rally at Queens Park in Toronto – Michael is to bring a cow to milk (provided he is well).  If he can’t we will find another farmer to do it.  Organizers are Margo McIntosh at margo@balanceyourapple.com and Charlotte VanGenechten at gushue_8@sympatico.ca Continue reading

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Raw milk rallies across Canada this Wednesday Nov. 23rd including one in Toronto at Queen’s Park

Here is the list of raw milk rallies planned for November 23rd, all across Canada. Perhaps one of them is in your neck of the woods:

Michael Schmidt had an informal chat with friends about the state of all things raw milk a couple of hours ago at the Toronto Waldorf school Arts and Crafts show in Thornhill.

November 23rd in BC – Nadine Ijaz and Jan Steinman are doing a rally at the legislature building in Victoria.  They may be milking a cow and a goat.  An update on that should be forthcoming.   They will also be bringing milk across the border to drink at the rally.  You can reach Nadine atnadineijaz@gmail.com and Jan at jan@bytesmiths.com.

November 23rd Vancouver BC – 11 am 12.00pm Olympic Cauldron, 1055 Canada Place Vancouver.  Event Organizer Alice Jongerden invites members of the public to attend, key note speakers, live cooking event with celebrity chefs.  Nearest Skytrain and Canada Line Waterfront, also the Seabus terminal is a 4 minute walk away. Alice can be reached atalice@homeontherangefarms.com. Continue reading

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Raw milk advocates tell government “Mooove away” at Kemptville rally

From Megan Burke, in The Recorder and Times:

Around 50 protesters hold up their glasses of raw milk to join the toast made by local farmer Jacqueline Conklin supporting the Durham-area farmer who faces renewed charges for distributing unpasteurized milk. The protesters voiced their right to buy and consume raw milk. Photo: MEGAN BURKE The Recorder and Times

KEMPTVILLE — Janine Widmer wants to continue legally consuming raw milk because pasteurized milk makes her physically sick.

“I’m originally from Switzerland. Over there you can go and buy your milk directly from the farm,” said Widmer.

“It’s up to the individual to choose. I want to have a choice. Whoever wants to drink pasteurized milk, that’s fine.” Continue reading

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