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Why the Raw Milk Institute ignites such controversy within the food movement

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. expresses surprise about the depth of opposition to RAWMI. “I did not know about farmers that absolutely want no help or assistance to develop consumer friendly programs to show the work they do for safety. I did not know that many Cow Share operators reject any kind of exposure and demand absolute secrecy.”

But I wonder, is his surprise that this segment of farmers exists? Is he surprised by the depth of their concerns? Or is he surprised that they “demand absolute secrecy”? Or does he mean “privacy” instead of “secrecy”?

So strong are the feelings, on both sides, that they are difficult to articulate. That leads to frustration. Gayle Loiselle,a plaintiff in the Craig/Zinniker cases in Wisconsin, sums it up when she says, “We need to organize and educate within our communities about the far reaching dangers of highly processed mass produced food and the benefits of sustainably produced nutrient dense food. And not waste our energy arguing over who is more right…that is exactly what the opposition is hoping for.”  Continue reading


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Fledgling Raw Milk Institute challenged

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“The fledgling Raw Milk Institute is in trouble.

The grandiose plan for a national organization that will at once establish raw milk production standards, educate farmers on improving their safety protocols, lobby for raw milk legislative expansion, and back research into raw milk’s benefits finds itself hobbled by internal dissension out of the gate.

I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to question whether the group can survive what has turned out to be a huge test of its purpose and objectivity. Continue reading


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11.11.11 and the founding of the North American raw milk alliance at WAPF’s Wise Traditions conference in Dallas

This just in from Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt and Mark McAfee with two unidentified ladies from the conference.

Considering the above date, which is one of those interesting  dates in history which deserve attention, the forming of the North American Raw Milk Alliance is rather significant in it’s intend.

Mark McAffee and Michael Schmidt formalized their longstanding co-operation by officially joining forces. Cow Share Canada Inc. and The Raw Milk Institute will act jointly and separately to address responsibly the growing demand for raw milk across North America. Continue reading


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Mark McAfee brings the Cow Share Canada concept to America with the newly formed “Raw Milk Institute”

From Cookson Beecher on Bill Marler’s “Food Safety News”:

Raw Milk Institute logo

“The much-anticipated Raw Milk Institute has gone live.

The brainchild of Mark McAfee, co-owner of Organic Pastures near Fresno, CA, the institute introduced its website — www.rawmilkinstitute.org — on Tuesday.

Simply put, the goal of the institute is to use science-based food-safety principles to shore up a strong foundation for the growing raw-milk movement.

Raw milk is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized to kill bacteria, some of which can make people sick or even kill them. These harmful organisms can be in milk from healthy animals as the result of contamination from fecal matter or unclean milking equipment. Continue reading

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