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A Tale of Two Calves –The Taste Test

You may remember a few posts back, that the CAVA restaurant in Toronto was planning to host a taste test of Michael Schmidt’s “two calves”. Well, here’s a report of the results of that Taste Test, excerpted from the Food Network.ca blog, along with photos, some from that blog, and others courtesy of CAVA:

Notice the colour difference between liver from calf A (left) and liver from calf B (right) -- Can you guess which calf was raised on raw milk vs. pasteurized milk? Photo via Food Network.ca

“Truth be told, I get invited my share of dinners although not as many as you may think. At the beginning I would say yes to pretty much any event that would have me. But after learning the hard way (hello, fat pants), I’m a bit more discerning now about the events I attend. Plus, I have a little one at home, so the event has to pretty darn special to get me out of my fat pants AND away from my son. That’s a looooong winded way of saying I wouldn’t have missed A Tale of Two Calves dinner at Cava Restaurant Tuesday night for anything. Continue reading


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A tale of two calves — one calf was fed on raw milk, the other on pasteurized

Here are the preliminary results (June 3), as reported by Michael Schmidt:

Raw milk fed calf

To understand the results of our raw milk experiment it is important to tolerate the so called scientific demands. That means in order to get accepted and being taken seriously by the scientific establishment you need to have 100 or 200 or 300 or may be even 1000 calves to make a scientific valid point .However the simple fact that the so called experts have not yet entered into a joint research project as proposed by me already in 1994 has given me even a greater confidence that the results we have seen with these two calves are credible and significant. They are in fact supporting the findings of Pottenger’s cat study, which as well has been ignored and ridiculed. Continue reading


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Is cow’s milk only good for calves?

There’s been controversy for a while now in nutrition circles, with some saying dairy is unnecessary in the human diet and others saying that while commercial pasteurized milk and milk products may be associated with health problems, raw dairy is altogether different in its effects on the body and is actually a valuable food.

Cows milk is for calves, right. What gives humans the idea they should drink it too?

Cow's milk is for calves, right? Are humans the only mammals to drink the milk of another species? Could be... but I'm pretty sure we're also the only mammals who use the internet. Your point?

Here’s an excellent summary of the case for milk and specifically, the case for raw milk, as part of a healthy diet. This article is written by Karen Railey B.S., CNC. It was originally found by Audrey, and circulated by Beverley. Audrey found it in “Chet’s Day” health news letter. Karen Railey, who wrote this piece, is also the author of the how-to guide “How to improve fading memory and thinking skills with Nutrition“. Continue reading


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