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Two readers takes John Doyle to task

Last Tuesday, Oct 23,  John Doyle, television columnist for the Globe and Mail, wrote a derogatory column about raw milk on the occasion of CBC Newsworld’s broadcast of Norman Lofts’ prize-winning documentary on Michael Schmidt and the raw milk story. Here are two more reader reactions to that bit of creative writing:

First, from Malene Brynildsen:

You know, John, I grew up in Denmark, probably the greatest of all great nanny states (rivaled only by Switzerland and Sweden, perhaps). I am a woman in my mid-thirties. My grandparents were dairy farmers, as were my great grandparents and . well you, get the picture. I drank plenty of raw milk as a child and young person as did ALL my relatives and their families and friends. I can honestly say that I know of no one who got sick from, much less suffered a serious long term or life threatening condition caused them by this practice. Continue reading

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