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Why Michael Schmidt’s Appeal Matters

Ontario farmer and raw milk advocate, Michael Schmidt, with one of his supporters, following a court case in 2011.

We don’t see a lot of this out there, but here’s an apparently independent blogger, who doesn’t appear to be a cowshare member, or all that closely connected or impacted by the case, expressing concern for the fundamental issues at stake in the Michael Schmidt raw milk saga, which so far has mostly been about how Michael has been prosecuted in the absence of any damage, and how his case has gotten an inordinate amount of regulatory attention, given what else is happening in the world these days. From Sofa King Next Level:

“Michael Schmidt is an Ontario farmer who was targeted in 2006 by the Province of Ontario (through the Grey-Bruce Health Unit and the Ministry of Natural Resources) for making unpasteurized milk available to his small buying group of customers who owned shares in his milking herd. We are talking less than 150 customers over a number of years, and less than 30 cows. When the judgement for this case came down in 2010, Michael Schmidt was found not guilty and acquitted of all charges. This should have been the end of the story. Continue reading


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Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt’s B.C. move garners media interest

Blackburn Agri-Media reports on Michael Schmidt’s intervention in B.C.’s raw milk scene:

Michael Schmidt toasts his January 2010 acquittal. Photo via Agri-Media

“Michael Schmidt is taking his raw-milk battle to British Columbia.

Schmidt has taken over the operation of the Home On The Range cow-sharing syndicate in that province. Continue reading

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Farmer Michael Schmidt working with Conservatives and disgruntled cream producers to pave the way for wider legal access to raw milk in Ontario

This is an excerpt from the latest newspaper story on the Michael Schmidt case, from the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Spotlighted here by a power point projector, Michael speaks here to a rally of over 200 supporters in Newmarket last month following his not-guilty court verdict on nineteen charges related to raw milk.

“…..Karen Selick, a spokesperson for the CCF, in a media release following Schmidt’s recent legal victory said that consumers who want freedom of choice expect their government to make the transition to the 21st century and respect their rights.

The legislation banning the sale or giving away of raw milk is more than 70 years old. Continue reading

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Raw milk seized in Athens Georgia raid

Here’s an excerpt of the story from Merritt Melancon of OnlineAthens.com titled “Some Sour as State Grabs Raw Milk — Inspectors impound supply meant to be sold at Athens farmers market”:

customers line up to buy local food from a coop in Athens Georgia

customers line up to buy local food from a coop in Athens Georgia

Athens locally grown food advocate Eric Wagoner has an appointment with representatives from the state Department of Agriculture on Monday.

They are coming to his house to watch him pour out 110 gallons of unpasteurized milk.

Inspectors call the milk, which is illegal to sell or distribute in Georgia, an imminent health risk, but the dozens of people who had ordered the milk say it tastes better and is better for you than pasteurized milk. Continue reading


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