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Inspiring the next generation of farmers — Joseph Heckman on raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt as guest speaker

From The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt and Joseph Heckman at Rutgers University a few months ago. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“I have long felt that one of the keys to breaking through the regulatory roadblocks to easily accessing nutrient-dense foods like raw dairy is for farmers to flood the market with products the regulators want to keep from us. For that to happen, though, there need to be enough farmers willing to make the commitment and take the risks.

Farming has been a dying profession for many years, though. How are would-be farmers to be attracted away from all the career options available to take up sustainable farming? One way is for role models to emerge who can set the kind of example that inspires others to want to do the same. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt at Rutgers University

Pictures thanks to Michael Schmidt:


Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was invited to Rutgers University in New Jersey to give a lecture on raw milk last fall. While he was there, he took a look at some of the exhibits on display and snapped these photos:

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Michael Schmidt lectures on raw milk at Rutgers University in New Jersey, U.S

This just in from raw milk man Michael Schmidt:

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt at one of his Queen's Park news conferences in Toronto.

“Organic Crop Production 221: Special Guest Lecture Michael Schmidt.

Michael Schmidt has been a biodynamic farmer for 33 years and hold’s a master’s degree in agriculture.  Born in Germany, he came to Canada in 1983 and has been instrumental in massive changes towards the awareness of the cultural importance of agriculture.  He is leading the movement to legalize raw milk in Canada.  He just won his 16 year long battle against the Ontario Government with a landmark ruling which legalized cow sharing.  As a result of the ruling, he is now helping and defending troubled cow share operations across Canada to receive legal status as in Ontario. Continue reading

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Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt speaks at Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Philadelphia

This just in from Ontario raw milk activist and dairyman Michael Schmidt:

I am now in Philadelphia giving the following lecture at the big Wise Traditions annual conference (of the Weston A. Price Foundation):

The urgency of consolidating the Food Rights Movement

As Corporate controlled agriculture drives society towards the brink of self destruction. A new awarness is growing amongst many in search of true nutrition.

The need to join forces and to built bridges amongst many will create a new balance in the current struggle against the looming destruction of the human being. Continue reading

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Raw milk fight becomes a symbol for food freedom — The Globe and Mail

This story, by Jessica Leeder, was published in the Globe just before the January 21st not-guilty verdict was handed down in Newmarket court. Now that that verdict is being appealed by the Crown, the points made in this article take on a new relevance. Excerpts:

Michael Schmidt in his milking parlour -- Deborah Baic, Globe and Mail

“Chewing a hay lunch, Svetlana, Viola and Leah display a bored calm in their wide, brown eyes. Their glazed looks belie the burgeoning legal war over the product of their udders.

These unassuming dairy cattle have become symbols of a growing international food rights movement fuelled by mistrust of the industrial food system….”

“….The Schmidt case, which began when his farm was raided in 2006, has captivated food rights academics and advocates in Canada and around the world who argue the court’s decision will ripple well beyond the raw milk community. At its crux, they argue, the case is really about the extent to which consumers should be free to buy foods, however rarefied, and whether constitutional rights stretch as far as the grocery basket, farmer’s market and the people who own shares in – but do not live on – food producing farms. Continue reading

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Raw milk seminar series at Rutgers University in N.J. to feature author David E. Gumpert, January 29, 2010

This is the same David E. Gumpert who will be at Michael Schmidt’s raw milk rally two days from now, on January 21, in Newmarket. The following is from a recent post by Kimberly Hartke:

Raw milk author David E. Gumpert

“Rutgers University is leading the way to helping our nation resolve our raw milk controversy. A series of lectures is being sponsored by the New Jersey University’s Agricultural Experiment Station to help people understand the issues and provide science-based information about raw milk. Here is your invitation to the next seminar, and links to all the past lectures!

Past speakers in the Rutgers series have included Gary Cox of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and Mark McAfee of California’s Organic Pastures Dairy.

The next lecture in the series is, The Raw Revolution, by David Gumpert. David E. Gumpert specializes in reporting and writing about health and food issues. He is the author of a new book, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Struggle Over Food Right Continue reading

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