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Illegal raw milk bust makes CBS news

California, where you can buy raw milk in the store, but not from your farmer:

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“An undercover agent posting as a mom busted a Bay Area operation that offers participants raw milk. Dr. Kim Mulvihill reports.”

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Foraging runs afoul of the regulators

From Peter Jamison in the SF Weekly:

Headline and picture via Huffington Post. Click image to go there.

Iso Rabins has always done a delicate tango around environmental and food regulations. Rabins pioneered the Bay Area’s burgeoning wild-foods movement when he founded ForageSF in 2009, but city health inspectors, noting the potential hazards of eating products gathered in the wild — the best-known of which come in the form of poisonous mushrooms — were never thrilled with his organization or its various commercial offshoots.

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Urban goat keeping in San Francisco


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U.S. Food safety chief defends raw milk raid and touts tougher new law on food

From the politics blog of the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Obama food safety chief and former Monsanto lawyer Michael R. Taylor today defended the FDA’s sting operations and armed raids against raw milk producers, including Pennsylvania Amish farmer Dan Allgyer, who is facing an injunction for selling milk across state lines. None of Allgyer’s milk was contaminated. The agency’s actions are likely to put him out of business.

“We believe we’re doing our job,” Taylor said at a presentation at the Ogilvy Washington public affairs group. He promised to “keep doing our public health job,” and described his agency’s campaign against raw milk producers as based on a “public health duty” and “statutory directive.” Continue reading


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Cities pave the way for urban farming

The following is from a recent news story on The Ethicurean blog:

Home farming in San Francisco. Photo from EcoSalon.

“Summer of urban-ag love: The Bay Area is known as a bastion of urban farming and the local food movement, but “laws governing land use are still stuck in another era, one that frowned on farming in the city, especially in residential areas,” reports Zusha Elinson. Continue reading


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