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Raw milk debate coming to a boil in Saskatchewan — The Star Phoenix

From  Andrew Matte, in The Star Phoenix:

“Dozens of Saskatchewan residents say they’re getting a raw deal from the federal government because they’re forced to go underground to buy unpasteurized milk they believe is more nutritious than what’s sold in grocery stores.

The long-simmering debate between raw-milk consumers and federal officials continues across the country where law-breaking dairy producers share small quantities of unpasteurized milk to local buyers despite a federal law prohibiting its sale in Canada.

Raw-milk drinkers are calling on Ottawa to lift its ban on the sale of raw milk and introduce a new milk category and introduce testing and quality control to help ensure it’s safe to drink. Continue reading

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Cross Country raw milk check up cont’d — more November 23rd rally results

More new from yesterday’s raw milk rallies across the country:

At least four people took to the streets of Saskatoon with these colourful posters.

I’m sure there must have been more to the Saskatoon rally than that, but we seem to be in a bit of a news blackout just now. We’d love to know more of what went on. Anyone? Email thebovine AT gmx DOT com. Thanks! Continue reading

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Raw milk is still “getting ink” in Saskatoon nearly two weeks after Michael Schmidt’s visit Dec. 2nd

Amy Jo Ehman writes in the Saskatchewan Star Phoenix:

Raw milk is still headline news is Saskatoon, 11 days after Michael Schmidt's visit.

“You wouldn’t think that something so basic as milk could be controversial. However, milk has made a renegade out of me.

I have on occasion bought milk from a local farmer — an act that is both venerable and verboten. The sale of raw, unprocessed, straight-from-the-farm milk is illegal in Canada. More specifically, it is illegal to sell milk that has not been pasteurised. Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt tells Regina audience that pasteurized milk causes more diseases than we think

C. J. Katz writes about raw milk and Michael Schmidt’s recent visit to Saskatchewan, on her “Savour Life” blog titled “The Raw Milk Debate”:

Michael Schmidt makes his point in Regina. Photo via Savour Life blog

Raw Milk. Canada is the only G8 country to have a total ban. British Columbia has declared it to be a hazardous substance. The raw milk debate is heating up in Canada and driving the issue is Michael Schmidt, the German dairy farmer from Durham, Ontario who has been taking his fight to allow the sale and distribution of raw milk to the courts of the land. In mid-January, a Newmarket court acquitted him of 19 charges of distributing raw milk and raw milk products. This was after he lost 500 of his 600 acre farm, all his machinery and 42 of his 45 cattle. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s Saskatchewan raw milk workshop covered by the Regina Leader-Post

Thanks to Jana for the news tip. The following is from a story that appeared today in the Regina Leader-Post, written by Tim Switzer:

Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt was in Regina on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010, at St. Mary's Anglican Church to talk about legalizing the sale of raw milk. Photograph by: Troy Fleece, Leader-Post

“Michael Schmidt says it is high time the Canadian government launched a review of its laws over the distribution of raw milk. Continue reading

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Raw milk in Sask…. it’s a moovement!

Here’s a report on the Regina Saskatchewan meeting with raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt from Jane Kutarna, who’s involved with the local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter. Thanks Jane.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt meets with Saskatchewan farmers and regular folks in a church hall to talk about raw milk concerns. Thanks to Michael for passing on these pictures to the Bovine.

On December 5, about 60 citizens of Saskatchewan gathered together to listen to dairy farmer Michael Schmidt talk about the politics of raw milk sales in Canada.  Several small dairies had the opportunity to meet with Michael as a group and discuss raw dairy herd shares. Continue reading

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Raw milk cow share meeting Dec. 5th with Michael Schmidt, farmers and regular folks, in Regina Saskatchewan

Michael Schmidt met today with people in Saskatchewan who are interested in the cowshare approach to raw milk. He sends these pictures from the meeting:

Of course raw milk was an important part of the event!

About the workshops, Michael Schmidt wrote: “Great meeting in Regina. First with over 70 people and then with about 10 farmers discussing cow share Canada. Planning cow share college in the spring.” Continue reading

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