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U.S. Embracing a Raw Milk Future

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“Last month, while visiting at a small ag and liberal arts school in upstate New York to give a talk, I got to tour its well-run conventional dairy of more than 300 cows (and a 50,000-gallon bulk tank—pictured at left). It serves as an on-campus training facility for students at the school, the State University of New York in Cobbleskill.

I also got to meet with a dairy professor.  I didn’t expect a lot of encouraging words, given the school’s focus on conventional dairying, and how I predicted in my talk at the school ongoing upheaval in the food world, symbolized by the raw milk revolution.  Continue reading

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School children in Florida sickened by pasteurized milk at school’s cafeteria

Here an excerpt from the report by Juan Ortega, at the Orlando Sentinel:

Cooper City Elementary School in Florida, where children were recently sickened by pasteurized milk.

“The Broward School District ordered all milk removed from school cafeterias Friday after 12 students at Cooper City Elementary were sent to the school clinic with stomachaches and other children complained that it tasted funny. Continue reading

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Ontario school children will still be able to supersize their sugary chocolate milk thanks to prompt lobbying by the DFO

Interesting that Leona Dombrowsky, who is now Ontario’s Education minister, was Minister of Agriculture when the Ontario legislature decided not to study raw milk in response to Bill Murdoch’s private members’ bill in 2006. She would have met with DFO (Dairy Farmers of Ontario) lobbyists regarding that legislation as well. Here’s the latest on the storm that was brewing behind the scenes over the question of limiting student access to large sizes of chocolate milk in Ontario schools, excerpted from the CBC news site. Video below — Rufus Wainwright clearly regards chocolate milk as belonging in the same category as cigarettes:

“A proposal to ban large containers of chocolate milk from Ontario’s schools will not be implemented, says the province’s education minister. Continue reading


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Fluoride Alert — are we slowly poisoning our children? — part II

Once again, we present an excerpt from Augie’s “Journal of Natural Food and Healing” blog, on the very important topic of Fluoride and children:

In Part 1, Dr. Sylvia Onusic provided information on the school fluoride mouth rinse programs along with much data and references on oral hygiene products and other sources of fluoride poisoning. Part 2 covers a dangerous tooth sealant program for schoolchildren as well as some other details that should be brought forth.

Once again we are most pleased to have David Michael as a guest writer on the topic of fluoride overdose. David Michael has spent four decades in the environmental profession in Michael’s experience with hazardous compounds in water, waste and air include monitoring and control and treatment. He has worked for EPA as a regulator and has worked for major oil and tire companies, and many organizations such as Toyota, USPS, USAF as a consultant, publisher and educator. David is a chemical engineer with an environmental specialty and is an advocate for natural food and health freedom.–Augie Continue reading

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