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“Sacrificial Lamb?” CFIA to kill last remaining Shropshire lamb from Montana Jones’ flock today Aug. 24

This just in via Michael Schmidt:

The CFIA kill-team want the last word. They are scheduled to slaughter the last Shropshire lamb at the Wholearth Farm, Hastings, ON. Today Thursday Aug.24. (CFIA are regularly escorted by multiple OPP & armed Nat.Resources personnel.). The 4 month old lamb’s only ‘crime’ is symbolically being the last innocent survivor from the wrongly-accused flock of heritage Shropshire sheep that ‘went missing’ in April 2012.

Here’s a link to the National Post story about how the sheepnapping court case involving Michael Schmidt, Montana Jones, the CFIA, and other parties ended: http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/shepherd-wins-six-year-legal-fight-to-keep-flock-of-rare-sheep-from-government-slaughter

Some backstory from Montana Jones: Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “saving the sheep from the wolves”

Sheep photo by Laura Berman, via Montana Jones’ “Save our Shrops” FB page.

The ongoing obsession of bureaucrats and helpless politicians to regulate every step we take and bite we eat has made us into graceful dancers between the dream of freedom and our so called civil duty to obey the law.

Yes indeed it is a dance around the search for humanity.

We are remembering those who resisted in the past. We admire Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela but tolerate and welcome the current enslavement which is taking place in our daily life through those who claim to know better than us. Continue reading

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CFIA changes the status of a reportable disease; now what about Scrapie?

From Karen Selick, on The Justice Report:

The CFIA decides that formerly reportable disease, Anaplasmosis, will henceforth no longer be a reportable disease. So now what about Scrapie? Click image to learn more about the disease.

“Montana Jones today brought to my attention an interesting article (“CFIA to give up on wiping out anaplasmosis”) published at Grainews.ca, a website that provides daily news on agriculture topics to Canadians.  Here’s the link.   

I’ve never heard of anaplasmosis before, but the article makes it clear that, like scrapie, it has been classified as a “reportable” disease under Canadian law until this latest announcement.  Anaplasmosis is apparently caused by a parasitic micro-organism and has been detected in wild animals (deer) as well as in cattle, sheep and goats.

Anaplasmosis shares the following additional characteristics with scrapie: Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt in court yesterday in Cobourg re sheep conspiracy charges

Michael Schmidt, speaking at a fund-raising event at Montana Jones’ farm in September 2012

Yesterday, Michael Schmidt appeared in court in Cobourg to face criminal charges related to the disappearance of Montana Jones’ flock of heritage Shropshire sheep which the CFIA had placed under quarantine and were planning to slaughter for testing. Montana Jones is also among the three others charged with conspiracy in this case.

Some months after their disappearance, most of the missing sheep were discovered, then slaughtered by the CFIA, and found to be not infected with the dread Scrapie, a disease in sheep that’s similar to mad cow in cattle. The CFIA had been particularly suspicious of Montana’s flock because their genotype supposedly made them more susceptible to the disease, and because a sheep that was originally from Montana’s flock was, some years later, connected with the disease. Continue reading

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Further details on the Michael Schmidt sheep-napping “conspiracy” charges

From Scott Dunn in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt and son. Photo via Owen Sound Sun Times.

“DURHAM – Canada Food Inspection Agency officers seized electronic devices and stored data from raw milk activist Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms Thursday as part of a federal investigation into the illegal removal of sheep that were under quarantine near Peterborough before they could be euthanized this spring.

CFIA issued a brief statement Friday confirming only that it executed search warrants “related to the ongoing investigation into the April 2nd removal of 31 sheep from a farm in Eastern Ontario, breaching a federal quarantine that was in place due to risk of a disease called scrapie.”

Schmidt acted as a spokesman for the so-far anonymous Farmers’ Peace Corp. earlier this year, after it took responsibility for taking the animals into “protective custody.” Continue reading

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Karen Selick on the CFIA charges against Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones

From Karen Selick on The Justice Report:

Michael Schmidt (left) said: “Last picture before we peacefully surrendered to be arrested, fingerprinted and mugshot taken.” (via Facebook)

“On December 5, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued a press release announcing that charges had been laid against CCF clients Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt in relation to the disappearance of sheep from Montana’s quarantined farm. Here’s a link to the release. Continue reading


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CFIA lays 5 criminal charges against Michael Schmidt, Montana Jones and two others over 31 Shropshire sheep

From a CFIA news release dated Dec. 5th:

December 5, 2012, Ottawa: In consultation with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has laid criminal charges against four people, following the unlawful removal of sheep from a federally quarantined premises in April 2012.

With the full support of the Canadian sheep industry, the CFIA administers Canada’s Scrapie Eradication Program. The program promotes sheep health and protects a valuable industry. It is alleged that by unlawfully removing and concealing the sheep, the program was threatened and the health and safety of other sheep and the industry were jeopardized. Continue reading


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LifeStock event at Montana Jones’ farm

Raw milk champion Michael Schmidt, speaking at LifeStock last Sunday.

The threat of rain didn’t deter some 274 people (official count) from making the trek out to Montana Jones’ farm near Hastings (north of Cobourg) for a day of music and a rally of support for Montana Jones in her ongoing battle with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency who have been taking and killing her rare Shropshire sheep, ostensibly out of concern that they may be susceptible to scrapie, a rare disease said to have economic implications for Canada’s sheep industry. Continue reading


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Montana Jones says CFIA returned to her farm to kill four Shropshire lambs

Link to this video just posted early Thursday morning on Facebook:

Update posted by Montana Jones on FB 12:03 am Thurs. Aug. 30th:

“CFIA ambushed Wholearth Farmstudio again this morning, arriving unannounced at 8:00 am to kill four of my seven lambs.

They are still alive.

CFIA left after unsuccessfully trying to euthanize them—let’s just say they could not get access to the lambs out in the field. They WILL return with force and more manpower to destroy them. They may return in an hour…at midnight…at 5:00am..who knows. They thrive on ambush tactics. We are talking four lambs and a middle-aged woman. Continue reading


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Karen Selick on TV tonight — talking sheep, scrapie, subsidies & the CFIA

Sun TV’s Charles Adler

Sheep? Scrapie? Subsidies? How much are taxpayers paying for that they’ve never heard of? Where’s the cost-benefit analysis?

Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick will be discussing all this and more tonight on the Charles Adler show on Sun TV. The show will air 8 – 9 pm Eastern Time. Full schedule.

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