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Practical Farmers of Ontario now have 200 members after 2 weeks — CTV

Learn more on the Practical Farmers of Ontario website.

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New group helping farmers in Ontario

From the new Practical Farmers of Ontario website:

Farmer Sean McGivern, of the Practical Farmers of Ontario. Photo from the PFO website.

“An energetic, strong willed Grey Bruce organic farmer, Sean McGivern, has started a new Ontario farm group.

Sean helped one of our Ontario farmers when he was refused access to testing for his milk at the University of Guelph just over a year ago. One phone call and the issue was cleared up. He also led our raw milk rally in Owen Sound last year. When Sean McGivern puts his mind to something he is a force to be dealt with. Continue reading

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Sean McGivern and Michael Schmidt are forming new “Practical Farmers” group to meet March 31st, and seek adjustment of supply management

From Jim Algie, in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“It’s worth noticing that Grey County farm policy reformer Sean McGivern prefers to talk these days about a “readjustment” in agricultural supply management.

Considering the direction from which he has come, the Desboro-based founder of a proposed new general farm organization could be talking instead about scrapping the controversial Canadian system for controlling farm production of some commodities.

An energetic, entrepreneurial, organic farmer who has run up against the system’s production limitations personally, McGivern might have joined the chorus of high profile non-farm commentators seeking to dismantle supply management. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt to speak at “Practical Farmers of Ontario” founding meeting

From Eastern Ontario Agri-News:

PETERBOROUGH – A group of producers with a vision of a more hands-on farm organization is holding the first annual general meeting of the Practical Farmers of Ontario (PFO) at Trent University here Sat., March 31.

“Our aims are to be a strong voice for farmers, but we feel a strong voice isn’t enough if we don’t follow up our voice with action, so we really want to be an action based group that works on problems and issues and takes action on them to get the desired results. Actions can and will come in many different forms and each situation will present a new set of challenges and different resources to be proactive and in archiving a positive outcome,” says Tom McGivern of Grey County, one of the group’s founding members. Continue reading

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National Farmers Union supports raw milk advocate at Owen Sound rally

From Agri-Media.ca:

Sean McGivern speaks at Michael Schmidt's Grey Bruce Health Unit rally.

“The Grey County local of the National Farmers Union helped organise a protest in Owen Sound yesterday.

About a hundred people rallied at the Grey Bruce Health Unit headquarters in support of raw milk activist Michael Schmidt.

Grey NFU President Sean McGivern says drinking raw milk is an issue of freedom of choice. Continue reading


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Health issues and “health” regulations

Lettter to a friend from Sean McGivern:

Sean McGivern at yesterday's raw milk rally in Owen Sound with Margo McIntosh

First, here is the letter he is responding to:


I cannot believe how some farmers are absolute fools including you and your organization Grey Bruce national farmer’s union for supporting the ignorant ,stubborn Schmidt dude. I am a victim of  Scarlet fever in the past and had to spend 6 months in total isolation and living in a complete darkened room. I lived on a farm and yes we drank unpasteurized milk. Our jersey herd was kept clean and our milking conditions were likewise. Continue reading


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First Cow Share Canada accredited raw milk farm targeted by Gov’t agents

Press Statement [from Michael Schmidt] regarding recent inappropriate anti raw milk actions by Government agents in Ontario:

Farm of Cathy and Paul Noble, near Arthur, Ontario. Photos from yesterday's meeting.

Government Agencies of Ontario on behalf of certain interest groups has been trying lately to jeopardize and undermine the current legal standing of cow shares in Ontario.

Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on all charges relating to the Milk Act and the Health and Promotion Act has created concerns within the dairy industry, and related Government Agencies. Continue reading


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