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Trial date in 2015 set in the Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones vs the CFIA sheep-napping conspiracy case

From Montana Jones:

Monntana Jones with Joel Salatin. Photo Liz Reitzig

I’ve been mostly quiet, waiting. Waiting for light, for inspiration, for renewed spirit, for solutions regarding the future and the farm and waiting for the date to be set for the preliminary hearing.

Don’t have all the answers yet. Forging ahead and trusting they will appear when they will. It’s hard to fathom it’s been four years of varying states of limbo already, since the CFIA Sheep Siege began. Four years!

The most important realization is that things will happen, things will change. For better or worse, they will change with or without me. Isn’t it better to show up?

I’ve felt monumentally supported at times, and at others, whipped myself with blame for being anxious and overwhelmed with the feeling that the CFIA has stolen my simple life. Continue reading


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Court decision today re lawyer removal motion in Montana Jones, Michael Schmidt sheep-napping pre-trial

As you may remember, Crown attorneys were arguing in court that Shawn Buckley should not be allowed to represent Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones because of a potential conflict of interest down the road as it were. According to a Facebook post today from Montana Jones, today is the day that the court will announce its decision on that matter. Here’s what she writes:

“Cross your fingers today, send good thoughts, and hope for one small step toward justice! Off to court to hear judge deliver his decision on if excellent lawyer Shawn Buckley is still ours to carry on. CFIA applied to have him removed and prevent him from representing Michael Schmidt and myself saying that it “might possibly” be a conflict of interest down the road at the actual trial, yet with no solid reasons to support that thinking. Here we go….”

Just wondering about how such a conflict of interest might come about…  Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt’s learnings from three days in court with the CFIA last week

From Michael Schmidt, raw milk advocate, farmer, and accused sheep-napper:

Cobourg, on the beach last week after three days of preliminary court hearings, with lawyer Shawn Buckley, and accused sheep-napping conspirator Montana Jones. Photo: Michael Schmidt

Day one, two, three in court from my perspective

Our court proceedings are becoming a family gathering of determined CFIA prosecutors and accused sheep-nappers

Here are the main players: Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones in “Legal Limbo – counting months and money wasted, instead of sheep”

Montana Jones shares her perspective on three days of court hearings last week:

Montana Jones, Lawyer Shawn Buckley, Michael Schmidt, all of whom were in court last week in Cobourg and Lindsay to hear why the CFIA wants Shawn Buckley removed from the case. The CFIA claims it’s because of a potential conflict of interest. Thanks to Montana Jones for the photo.

The government wants Michael Schmidt and I to please pick a different lawyer. I’m not surprised. They say it’s due to a potential conflict of interest in the pending trial. Others wonder if they’re just not so keen at the prospect of going head to head with Shawn Buckley, our British Columbia based constitutional and criminal lawyer specializing in the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations.

It’s almost three years since the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) wolves first descended onto my farm, and this past week of judicial dancing through court hoops suggests we’ll have to endure the shadowy predators lurking for a long while yet. Continue reading


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Lawyer Shawn Buckley talks about Michael Schmidt and his campaign for raw milk and food freedom


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Canada’s Senate restricts debate on Bill C-36, in bid to pass the unconstitutional legislation before the year 2010 ends

From a National Health Products Protection Association media release:

Canadian citizens who see Bill C-36 as anything but ‘safe’ overwhelmed Senators with communications last week.

They pressed government to allow time for a full debate in the Senate committee. Hundreds of individuals requested the attendance of constitutional and legal expert Shawn Buckley, who has studied the Bill and can testify to the dangers of it. Continue reading

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“The Battle for our Sacred Food” — Michael Schmidt at Total Health 2010

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was a featured speaker and panelist at last weekend’s Total Health conference, held at Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre.

Farmer Michael Schmidt with Shawn Buckley, who's been battling Bill C-6 on behalf of Canadians.

From the conference program: Michael Schmidt has a master’s degree in agriculture and has been a biodynamic farmer for over 33 years.

Born in Germany, he came to Canada in 1983 and has been instrumental in massive changes towards the awareness of the cultural importance of agriculture. He is leading the fierce battle to legalize raw milk in Canada, and founded Ontar Bio Organic Farm Products which later became a Farmer-owned Co-Op. Continue reading

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