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One Small Step for Sheepkind…

From Montana Jones:

Montana Jones, lawyer Shawn Buckley, Michael Schmidt

HIGH FIVE to lawyer Shawn Buckley for his superb work in ensuring justice was served in one small step today toward truths and rights.

Superior Court Judge ruled today that Crown Damien Frost will NOT be permitted to cross examine Michael Schmidt nor Montana Jones on anything other than facts relevant to the conflict of interest question. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones are in court this week to hear the CFIA argue defense lawyer Shawn Buckley should be removed from sheep case

Summer is over, bureaucrats are back from holiday and Michael Schmidt is going to court again, just as he has so many times before over the last seven years. Photo above is from 2010 in Newmarket. This week’s court sessions will be in Cobourg. Earlier, the CFIA was arguing that lawyer Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, should not be representing Michael Schmidt in court because they wanted to be able to call her as a witness for the prosecution in the sheep-napping conspiracy case. Now the CFIA wants BC lawyer Shawn Buckley removed from the case.

Michael Schmidt sends this account of the current situation, vis a vis the Shropshire sheep-napping case:

Wolves, Coyotes and the CFIA

Tuesday, Wednesday, and maybe even Thursday this week, Montana Jones and myself will be in court to listen to the CFIA lawyers explain why they want to take our right away to choose our own lawyer.

Yes this is not fiction; it is the reality in Canada in 2013. Continue reading


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Montana Jones, Michael Schmidt, Shropshire sheep napping case to be tried in the summer and fall of 2013

From Cecilia Nasmith, on Northumberland Today.com

Montana Jones with a few of her Shropshire sheep on her farm near Hastings. Photo Mark Hoult/Community Press/QMI Agency

“COBOURG – Justice Robert Graydon pledged that the four defendants in the April 2012 case involving missing Shropshire sheep will be tried with dispatch, even if it means he has to work on a Saturday.

Charges against the accused in this incident appeared in Cobourg Provincial Court March 27, collectively facing a list of 25 charges that included conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, obstructing a peace officer, obstructing justice and obstructing the Health of Animals Act.  Continue reading


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Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt in Cobourg Court, March 27, 2013

Supporters and media are not being encouraged to show up at the courthouse in Cobourg for the proceedings this Wednesday March 27th. As Karen Selick states in the media release below, the actual trial of this case will be many months in the future. Legal counsel for the defense, however, will be seeking changes to travel restriction which are currently a part of bail conditions. 

Montana Jones, Michael Schmidt, sheep Image via Montana Jones

Belleville—The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) confirmed today that their clients Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt will appear in Provincial Court in Cobourg, Ontario on March 27, 2013 in connection with charges relating to the disappearance of 31 rare Shropshire sheep in April, 2012.

The sheep were scheduled for slaughter by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on suspicion of having a disease called “scrapie” but they disappeared from Montana Jones’ barn before the CFIA arrived to seize them.  A note saying that the sheep had been taken into “protective custody” was found in the barn, signed by a previously unknown group called the Famers Peace Corps.  The 31 sheep were ultimately found and tested negative for an illness called “scrapie.” Continue reading


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So what’s happening with Michael Schmidt, raw milk, and the sheep?

Michael Schmidt outside Newmarket courthouse in 2008. What a long strange trip it’s been.

Michael Schmidt has just completed six days of trial in BC on contempt of court charges. Here’s his report: Part 1Part 2

On the sheep-napping conspiracy front, Michael is scheduled to appear in court in Cobourg, Ontario on March 27th for the hearing of that case. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt, on the CFIA’s investigatory zeal over lost Shropshire sheep

Documents disclosed to Michael Schmidt by the Crown, regarding charges he is facing from the CFIA, relating to the Shropshire sheep-napping saga. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt.

14 inches and counting.

The waking of the angry giant…..

How the CFIA is wasting unlimited resources funded by taxpayers in the sheep-napping investigation.

It is fascinating how apparently a very simple act of civil disobedience has unleashed an investigation worthy of searching for a mass murderer or a drug cartel. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt in court yesterday in Cobourg re sheep conspiracy charges

Michael Schmidt, speaking at a fund-raising event at Montana Jones’ farm in September 2012

Yesterday, Michael Schmidt appeared in court in Cobourg to face criminal charges related to the disappearance of Montana Jones’ flock of heritage Shropshire sheep which the CFIA had placed under quarantine and were planning to slaughter for testing. Montana Jones is also among the three others charged with conspiracy in this case.

Some months after their disappearance, most of the missing sheep were discovered, then slaughtered by the CFIA, and found to be not infected with the dread Scrapie, a disease in sheep that’s similar to mad cow in cattle. The CFIA had been particularly suspicious of Montana’s flock because their genotype supposedly made them more susceptible to the disease, and because a sheep that was originally from Montana’s flock was, some years later, connected with the disease. Continue reading

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