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Raw milk and global food shortages

Dave Milano on The Complete Patient blog:

“Not long before the end of forage season last year, I fertilized a small piece of our pasture with milk. (We had extra milk, and I was curious.) I sprayed about 1 gallon of raw milk, diluted with water, onto a half-acre section, twice, two weeks apart.

About three weeks later a few local farmers were visiting and I asked them to take a look at the pasture and tell me what they thought. They noticed immediately that an oddly shaped section seemed to be in better condition than the rest—the part sprayed with milk of course. Continue reading


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Food shortages, governmental collapse

“Underneath the Egyptian Revolution” by Billy Wharton, on the Examiner.com:

So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being. – Franz Kafka

Hands grabbing bread in Egypt. Click image to see source.

Hidden beneath the spectacular street battles that aim to force Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak out of office is a trigger that exists in dozens of countries throughout the world – food.  Or, more specifically, the lack of it.  Continue reading

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Massive food price inflation in China

From a post on the mi2g.com blog:

The Chinese are not the only ones wondering Yuan this problem will end. Image from mi2g.com

Massive Food Inflation

“Around Shanghai, the price of certain food products has risen by at least 50 percent in the past year, sparking anger amongst the poorer shoppers who spend up to half of their income on food. In some parts of China, the price of basic foods has doubled — gone up by 100 percent — and shoppers in the southern city of Shenzhen have been reported to skip across the border to Hong Kong to buy their daily groceries!…” Continue reading

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