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Michael Schmidt, on the CFIA’s investigatory zeal over lost Shropshire sheep

Documents disclosed to Michael Schmidt by the Crown, regarding charges he is facing from the CFIA, relating to the Shropshire sheep-napping saga. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt.

14 inches and counting.

The waking of the angry giant…..

How the CFIA is wasting unlimited resources funded by taxpayers in the sheep-napping investigation.

It is fascinating how apparently a very simple act of civil disobedience has unleashed an investigation worthy of searching for a mass murderer or a drug cartel. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt in court yesterday in Cobourg re sheep conspiracy charges

Michael Schmidt, speaking at a fund-raising event at Montana Jones’ farm in September 2012

Yesterday, Michael Schmidt appeared in court in Cobourg to face criminal charges related to the disappearance of Montana Jones’ flock of heritage Shropshire sheep which the CFIA had placed under quarantine and were planning to slaughter for testing. Montana Jones is also among the three others charged with conspiracy in this case.

Some months after their disappearance, most of the missing sheep were discovered, then slaughtered by the CFIA, and found to be not infected with the dread Scrapie, a disease in sheep that’s similar to mad cow in cattle. The CFIA had been particularly suspicious of Montana’s flock because their genotype supposedly made them more susceptible to the disease, and because a sheep that was originally from Montana’s flock was, some years later, connected with the disease. Continue reading

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Why didn’t the CFIA disclose finding the five missing Shropshire sheep?

From Montana Jones’ lawyer Karen Selick, on The Justice Report:

“…The Better Farming website here quotes an e-mail they had received from spokesperson Lisa Gauthier of the CFIA on December 6, 2012.  While I haven’t seen the e-mail myself, here is what Better Farming writes about it:
“Gauthier notes that five of the 31 sheep that disappeared are still missing. The agency’s investigation continues, ‘including work to confirm what happened to the other five sheep,’ she writes.”

The truth is that the CFIA found the remaining five sheep months ago.  Two of them had apparently died during transport and their remains were recovered in June, 2012.  The other three sheep were surrendered by unknown persons on September 12, 2012.  The live animals were left in a crate on a roadside near Erin, Ontario with a note indicating that they were Montana Jones’ sheep. Continue reading


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New Video of Montana Jones’ Lifestock

From Andrew Kohl:


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Hundreds flock to Montana Jones’ LifeStock benefit event Sept. 30th

From Mark Hoult, Community Press:

Fanning the flames of popular support for Montana Jones. Photo via Community Press.

HASTINGS – If you care about the food you eat, then fight to preserve the family farm and the freedom to produce a variety of natural, healthful foods.

That was the message hundreds of supporters of Montana Jones’ Wholearth Farm Studio heard Sunday as they came together for Lifestock, A Call To Farms, a fund and awareness-raising event featuring food, music and a range of speakers, among them nutritionist, author and radio host Pam Killeen. Continue reading

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Comment on the Montana Jones case

From Zeb Landon:

David Eagelson, chief investigator in the Shropshire case. Photo Michael Schmdt. See Michael’s story “Silence of the Lambs” (post below this one) describing David’s role in the ongoing investigation.

The disease that CFIA suspects Montana Jones’ sheep of carrying poses no threat to humans. Agriculture Canada is merely anxious to protect Canada’s export market for sheep, we are led to suppose. And the CFIA presumes the right to interfere in a farm, either because they genuinely believe there is a risk, or, which seems no less likely, simply because they feel bound to maintain a public image of absolute safety. Continue reading


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CFIA: 4, Shropshire lambs: 0

This just in from Montana Jones:

CFIA agents came to Montana Jones farm Saturday to take four lambs to be killed.

The CFIA’s seemingly on again, off again plan to kill lambs from Montana Jones’ farm was on again Saturday, as agents came to the farm and reportedly took  four lambs away, presumably to be killed and tested. The video below documents an exchange between Montana Jones and the CFIA last Thursday. We’re expecting another video to be released tomorrow. Continue reading


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