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Charges stayed for Michael Schmidt and other protesters in dump site 41 case

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt talks on video after recent court hearing.

Here is a video from Marianne Else of the Simcoe chapter of the Council of Canadians. Here’s what she says about it: “This is a video with interviews I made today [Dec. 3, 2009] at the Midland Court where charges were dropped for Ina and Keith Wood and the charges against the other 16 people were STAYED. Continue reading

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Site 41 protesters remanded until Dec. 3

Defence lawyer Peter Rosenthal with speaks with reporters and some of the Site 41 protesters outside Midland court building. Photo contributed by J.E. (Jim) Simpson. Photo via Barrie Examiner website

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt from Durham Ontario was among the 17 protesters from Site 41 who appeared in Midland court October 8th to face charges related to their civil disobedience actions. Defence lawyer Peter Rosenthal speaks with reporters and some of the Site 41 protesters outside Midland court building. Photo contributed by J.E. (Jim) Simpson. Photo via Barrie Examiner website

Here’s the story, from Douglas Glynn of the Barrie Examiner:

“The 17 people arrested during the lengthy blockade of dump Site 41 were remanded to Dec. 3 when they appeared in Midland court today. Continue reading

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Farmer Michael Schmidt in court today in Midland on Site 41-related charges

Native camp near protest site

Native camp near protest site

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt is due to appear in Midland court today, September 17th, to face charges stemming from his repeated blockade of vehicle access to what was to have become Dump Site 41 in Tiny Township, about two hours northwest of Toronto. Township council has since voted for a moratorium on dump plan in response to wide-ranging protest from concerned citizens like Michael Schmidt.

Stopdumpsite41.ca website is reporting that other protesters are also appearing in court today. From a post from yesterday:

“Anne Ritchie-Nahuis will appear tomorrow, Thursday, at 9 a.m. in Midland court (incorrect information on the location was posted earlier) with regard to the charge of mischief that was laid during this summer’s protest. We believe there will be others, including dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, and that nothing will be determined – this is just an apearance. Most of the 17 people who face SDS41-related criminal charges are to appear October 8. The courthouse is at 605 Yonge St., Midland.” Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt talks about the fight over Site 41: “The Right for Water — Eight Days of Personal Resistance”

Police arrive at dump site 41 to arrest Michael Schmidt for the first time.

Police arrive at dump site 41 to arrest Michael Schmidt for the first time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I woke up with incredible inner pressure regarding dumpsite 41. A decision on the one year moratorium to stop construction will be coming next Wednesday. For over 20 years I have been following the growing resistance to the insanity to built a dump on the Alliston aquifer, one of the purest waters in the world. Rumors were swirling around that they will try to bring in the first load of garbage before the crucial vote. That itself was enough for me; I had to act to keep the pressure up until the last minute.

Thursday, August 20, 2009
We drove to Tiny Township and around 12 pm I started blocking the main entrance after I talked to the Natives who had set up camp opposite dumpsite 41. Huge gravel trucks, a fuel truck and several service vehicles could not enter dump site 41. OPP negotiators arrived after 20 minutes to convince me to let the work continue until the vote next Wednesday. Nobody trusted anybody anymore. The smell of corruption in regard to this project was too obvious. I stood my ground. After all, it was about the future of our children. On the other side of the road, many resisters showed their support, chanted and thanked me. Continue reading


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Site 41 victory — council votes for one-year moratorium on dump over aquifer

Yesterday’s news, reported today on the Bovine. Again from Marianne Else:

Dear Everybody,
I have just come from the Simcoe County Council Chambers and first of all the council voted to have all charges reversed that had been laid by the OPP police against all who had been arrested including the 350 000 dollar fine for Vicky M, so Michael Schmidt should be included in this also……

The council session started at 11 am and by 11:30am we were asked to leave chambers because the council wanted an in camera session for half an hour which turned out to be 3 hours before we were let back in.

The people from the Council of Canadians ( Maude Barlow) finally sent out for pizza as we had no lunch. Council meanwhile had lunch brought in and they kept working in camera.

Finally we were let back in at 2:30 pm and it took then until 6 pm when the majority of the council voted for a 1 year moratorium and they will meet again next month to MAYBE abandon Site 41 altogether…..lets hope — because otherwise they’ll have to spend money to winterize the site which means they have to put all the clay back etc….

So for now everyone was happy and very very relieved….

Many many blessings to everyone

from Marianne in Hawkestone

PS I just spoke to Markus Schmidt and he now knows that Michael should be released from Jail….


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Michael Schmidt released from jail after second Site 41 arrest earlier this week

This just in from Marianne Else:

Hi Everyone

I just came from the court house in Barrie, where Michael Schmidt had his bail hearing.

He was released, at noon today Aug 27, 2009, into the custody of his son Markus who was there to take a weakend Michael home. 7 other supporters of Dump Site 41 were there to make sure that Michael would be released after 3 days of fasting in jail, as Michael – on principle – does not eat or drink anything when arrested.

They had him under surveilance in Penetang because of the health issues involved. He came into the courtroom in handcuffs, I was pretty shocked as I had never seen anybody in handcuffs.

Continue reading


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Why everyone’s so upset about Site 41

Here is a message from Michael Schmidt:

Dear Friends

I urge you to read this piece of information, so that you understand why I have taken and will take more drastic actions in the near future. Go to the website http://stopdumpsite41.ca/ try to understand how crucial immediate actions are.

All the best to all of you

Regards Michael Schmidt

What’s the big deal about the water?

In 2006, University of Heidelberg Professor William Shotyk, a world-renowned scientist whose research sets an international benchmark for measuring the effects of human activities on water, tested the water at Dumpsite 41. Continue reading

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