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Four days of cheese at Slow Food event

“Like everyone who traveled to get to the event in Bra, Italy, I came with an empty bag, which was stuffed with heavy blocks of cheese when I left.”

Good people, good cheese... Slow Food in Italy. Photo via The Atlantic

From Corby Kummer at The Atlantic, via 3 Wheeled Cheese blog:

“Last week, while the rest of the food world was speculating over who should replace the great Sam Sifton as he ascends inexorably to editor-ship of the New York Times, the trajectory I’ve long considered appropriate for former food critics (I’ve got my own favorite for his successor, but I’m hoping, not telling), I was on a semi-annual gig teaching writing at Slow Food’s University of Gastronomic Science’s master’s program. I also got to stay on for two days to sample the endless varieties of cheese at Slow Food’s event called, simply,Cheese, which for four days every two years turns the center of its founding city, Bra, into a day-and-night festival that brings back not just former university students but the world’s big-cheese cheeses (surely I’m the first to think of that). If you’re anywhere near Turin, Italy, today, head over! The revelry went on past midnight during the two days I got to be there. Writing and cheese, naturally, were on my mind — and in my bags coming home. Continue reading

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Slow Food promoting raw milk cheese

From the 3 Wheeled Cheese blog:


“Slow Food has been fighting for the rights of consumers to buy raw milk and the rights of cheesemakers to make cheese from raw milk for almost two decades, and its biennial event, Cheese, has long been a forum for publicizing the issue. This year Cheese 2011 sees the launch of a new Slow Food campaign site for raw milk, www.slowfood.com/rawmilk. As part of the campaign, an international panel of cheesemakers, experts and cheesemongers came together today to share their experiences and describe the situation in their own countries. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt goes to Edmonton for court case and talks June 7th, 8th, 9th

Michael Schmidt is back from Prague, where he spoke at a raw milk conference. But he’ll have just a few days to regroup at the farm before he heads off to Alberta for a lecture tour culminating in the latest in a series of court appearances in the raw milk case of Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlow.

The date for that court appearance has been set for June 9th at 1 pm in Room 355 of the Edmonton courthouse. Everyone — supporters, media, dairy farmers, consumers, lobbyists, regulators, policy makers — is invited to come out. Michael has apparently discussed things with the lawyer in advance with a view to wrapping up the case on that date rather than delay or postpone for futher proceedings. Continue reading


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Bills to outlaw farm photography

A message to supporters from Slow Food USA:

This photo of a cat with piglets is from the Slow Food gallery. See link at bottom of this post.

This month we let you know that legislators in three states — influenced by Big Agriculture — were trying to criminalize taking photos or videos of farm facilities.

Nearly 33,000 people signed our petition to stand up for transparency and the right to take pictures of farms. Over 400 people — many of them farmers — took it one step further and uploaded pictures of farms to our Facebook wall. Continue reading


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Raw milk cowshares spread in Alberta

From a letter to Gordon Watson in B.C. from Charlene in Edmonton Alberta:

Judith, Eric, Michael and supporters at the Edmonton court house in February 2011.

The real milk is flowing under the cover of darkness.  Hard to find a cow share but more and more people I am sure are starting them.  Found one lady who was advertising on Kiijii until I told her that it was not a good idea.  I got her a couple of customers from the Slow Food event that I attended. Continue reading


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Edmonton Alberta raw milk trial that was to take place March 23, 2011 is now being postponed until May or June

Raw milk farmers Eric Pudlow, Judith Johnson, and both of them again with Michael Schmidt

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt confirmed today that the trial of Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlow on charges related to raw milk has been postponed again, this time until May or June. The trial was originally scheduled for February 23, 2011.

Back in February, Michael Schmidt traveled to Edmonton to participate in the court proceedings in support of Judith and Eric only to find that the judge adjourned the case until March 23, ostensibly because the prosecutors had only just received the case documentation a few minutes before the trial and therefore did not have time to prepare the case properly. While Michael was there, he spoke to a gathering of Slow Food supporters from the Edmonton area. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt talks raw milk at Slow Food Edmonton meeting March 23rd

March 23rd is when the Judith and Eric court case in Edmonton is set to resume. Michael Schmidt will be in Edmonton for that, and while he’s there, he’ll also speak again at a local Slow Food meeting:


From the Slow Food Edmonton website.


Continue reading

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