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“Empty the cities, fill the countryside.”

“Empty the cities, fill the countryside”. That was Biodynamic farmer Bernard Hack’s solution to the ills of our time. And the suggestion seems even more prescient now than when he first made it some 25 years ago on his farm near Kincardine in western Ontario (Canada). Amazingly, or perhaps not so amazingly, that movement from the cities to the country has already started. Young would-be farmers are taking to the land, not so much with a goal of self-sufficiency as in the 60s, but with a mission to grow food for people. What could be better news? What’s more, the movement is being documented in a movie-in-progress called “The Greenhorns”. Here’s their trailer, from youtube:

Of course they also have a website and a blog called “The irresistable fleet of bicycles“. And here’s a link to a higher-resolution version of the movie trailer. The following is from The Greenhorns website:

“The Greenhorns is a documentary film that explores the lives of America’s young farming community—its spirit, practices, and needs. As the nation experiences a groundswell of interest in sustainable lifestyles, we see the promising beginnings of an agricultural revival. Young farmers’ efforts feed us safe food, conserve valuable land, and reconstitute communities split apart by strip malls. It is the filmmakers’s hope that by broadcasting the stories and voices of these young farmers, we can build the case for those considering a career in agriculture—to embolden them, to entice them, and to recruit them into farming. Continue reading

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