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Thoughts on the book “Girl Hunter”

Girl Hunter, the book

I should say firstly that I haven’t read this book, only the Grist.org review of it, which I will be excerpting below. Still there’s something fresh and appealing about hearing how a young woman — whose kind don’t usually go for hunting — has made her way into, and her peace with, that most ancient of human practices — to the point where I definitely want to read the book and am going to order it.

I’ve hunted myself as a teenager, but not that successfully. And no, that’s not why I gravitated to vegetarianism. 

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, the guy who helped found the recently raided Rawsome Foods club in California tells a wild story of how he made the transition from being a strict vegan, to being an eater of meat in his book, “We want to live”. Continue reading

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Raw milk as a sacrament

From Hella Delicious:

Image by Alex Grey via Hella D.

“There are various other definitions of sacrament, I like this one because it makes me think of the gut-friendly micro-organisms that grow in milk–uniquely active indeed. This is a post I have been putting off writing and I understand why. I am not sure if I can quite capture what I want to say here, but I have to give it a shot.

Sacrament: A rite in which God (or gods) is (are) uniquely active. -Hexam’s Concise Dictionary of Religion

The fact that many cultures around the world traditionally have a sacred bond between the animal (sheep, cow, goat, yak etc) and the fresh milk that animal produces is an aspect of the importance of farm fresh raw milk that sometimes gets left behind these days. We often get caught up in reacting to all the legal nonsense the various agencies keep throwing at us. Continue reading


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Two poems from the cow-share meeting

As part of his contribution to last weeks meeting of cow share members in Richmond Hill, Michael Schmidt opened the meeting with the following excerpt from a 1998 poem by Ben Okri titled “Mental Fight, an anti-spell for the 21st century”:

Or might we choose to make
This time a waking up event
A moment of world empowerment?
To pledge, in private, to be more aware
More playful, more tolerant, and more fair
More responsible, more wild, more loving
Awake to our unsuspected powers, more amazing.

We rise or fall by the choice we make
It all depends on the road we take
And the choice and the road each depend
On the light we have, the light we bend,
On the light we use
Or refuse
Or the lies we live by
And from which we die.

And then again, at the close of the evening’s proceedings, Mr. Schmidt offered another verse, this time by Rudolf Steiner, titled “For this Michael age”: Continue reading

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