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Michael Schmidt’s raw deal on raw milk

From Sara Deris in The Strand:

Michael Schmidt, speaking at a rally in Vancouver earlier this year. PHOTO: FLICKR/Zero-X

“On 4 Nov. 2011, after a hunger strike lasting over a month, Michael Schmidt finally gained the right to meet with Premier Dalton McGuinty to discuss the possibility of allowing the sale of raw milk to informed consumers. Well, McGuinty’s chief of staff, anyway. McGuinty did decide to drop in on the meeting for a bit. Schmidt has now been invited to speak to the Liberal caucus concerning the sale of raw milk, but it has been made clear that the government will not change its position on the legislation concerning these sales. Continue reading

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Inspiring the next generation of farmers — Joseph Heckman on raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt as guest speaker

From The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt and Joseph Heckman at Rutgers University a few months ago. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“I have long felt that one of the keys to breaking through the regulatory roadblocks to easily accessing nutrient-dense foods like raw dairy is for farmers to flood the market with products the regulators want to keep from us. For that to happen, though, there need to be enough farmers willing to make the commitment and take the risks.

Farming has been a dying profession for many years, though. How are would-be farmers to be attracted away from all the career options available to take up sustainable farming? One way is for role models to emerge who can set the kind of example that inspires others to want to do the same. Continue reading

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Markham high schoolers milk cows by hand at Michael Schmidt’s dairy farm

About 100 Markham high school students were able to have the experience of milking a cow by hand recently at Glencolton Farms near Durham Ontario.

Michael Schmidt's children watch expectantly as 100 high schoolers descend from their motherships.

Glencolton Farms is run by Michael Schmidt who has long been a staunch advocate of raw milk and people’s right to make their own food choices. Continue reading

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Markham high school grade nines milk cows on a Glencolton Farms field trip

Ontario raw milk pioneer Michael Schmidt has been hosting grade nine classes from Markham high school for the past three years. Markham is a suburb of Toronto and is more than two hours drive away from Glencolton Farms. There are certainly a lot of closer farms that the school could have sent their student to.

Grade nine students from Markham in the Glencolton Farms yard

This year’s grade 9 group visiting the farm had a total of over 80 students. Michael says that 99 percent of the students have never been on a farm and have no concept about the production of food. Continue reading


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