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Vancouver Sun reports: “Court decision delayed [Michael Schmidt] raw milk ruling” [for the fourth time]

From the Postmedia story by Linda Nguyen, in the Vancouver Sun: 

Michael Schmidt talks to media and supporters beside his iconic raw milk blue bus on Tuesday afternoon in Thornhill.

“TORONTO — A landmark decision expected Tuesday by the Ontario Superior Court on whether a rural Ontario dairy farmer broke the law for distributing raw milk has been delayed — again.

The ruling was supposed to decide if a justice of the peace erred when he acquitted Michael Schmidt of 19 charges related to the production, sale and distribution of raw milk and raw-milk products resulting from his cow-share business.

The decision, which is now expected to come out sometime Wednesday, was originally supposed to be released last week. It has been delayed due to computer problems at the Newmarket, Ont., courthouse. Continue reading

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“Raw milk — that’s udderly stupid”

Anti-raw-milk sentiment rears it’s head in this opinion column by Mindelle Jacobs in the Edmonton Sun:


Raw milk supporters want the right to be stupid. They seem to believe there’s a government conspiracy to cover up the benefits of unpasteurized milk.

These people are dangerous and their crazy ideas need to be vigorously debunked. Undoubtedly, there are people who don’t get sick from drinking raw milk. Well, there are heavy smokers who live to be 90 but that doesn’t mean cigarettes are good for you. Continue reading


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Farmer’s daughter and Toronto Sun columnist Connie Woodcock still dissing raw milk

It’s always illuminating to read the opinions of those who are virulently opposed to raw milk for one reason or another. This latest rant from Connie appeared just yesterday in the Kingston Whig-Standard where it’s called “Raw Milk Debate in Ontario Goes On“. Here are some excerpts from that column:

Michael Schmidt shows author David Gumpert his milking parlour on the eve of the court verdict.

“The whole acrimonious debate over raw milk and so-called “food freedom” amazes me.

Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt’s not guilty verdict on 19 charges of selling raw milk is also being called a victory for consumer freedom, but really it’s a defeat for public health. Continue reading


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