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Guelph 2016 — Raw Milk Symposium

Thanks to the many speakers, farmers, consumers, guests, and media who took time out of their busy lives to convene January 30th, in Guelph, for yet another in what’s become a long series of raw milk symposia that began not long after the infamous 2006 raid on Glencolton Farms. In this brief report, we are not going to try to cover all the great information that was presented during the afternoon, but rather to give a flavour of the proceedings.

First speaker on the agenda was farmer Mark McAfee (shown speaking in the photo above), who, together with his wife Blaine, came all the way from California to participate in this symposium and to share with Ontario raw milk producers and consumers a bit of the wisdom he’s gained running what is now the biggest raw milk farm on the continent — with some 550 cows and 500 acres of pasture. Mark is also involved with the RAWMI standards group, and he shared some intel from that work as well. A video crew from TVO was on hand to record much of the proceedings.

One big difference from past symposiums of this sort, is the low key role played by Michael Schmidt, seen above sitting in the audience with his wife Elisa, and lawyer Karen Selick. Unlike Elisa and Karen, however, Michael did not make a speech, although he did ask a question from the floor at one point. Continue reading


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Raw Milk Symposium Jan. 30, Guelph


by | January 24, 2016 · 10:05 pm

Federal government ponders legal raw milk sales — “the Western Producer”

From Jeffrey Carter, in The Western Producer:

“GUELPH, Ont. — The door may be opening to lawful raw milk sales in Canada, according to a senior official with Health Canada.

“We see possible venues in the future of producing a safe product,” said Jeff Farber, director of the bureau of microbial hazards.

It could involve a regulatory approach at the provincial and/or federal level, he added.

However, Health Canada’s official position maintains that the risk of drinking milk that has not been pasteurized outweighs possible benefits.

Raw milk sales were prohibited in Canada in 1991, but there’s no restriction on drinking it. In fact, statistics show that it is consumed by families on close to 90 percent of Canada’s dairy farms. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt, Alice Jongerden, Mark McAfee to speak at “Fresh Milk Food Politics” April 6th, in Vancouver

Fresh Milk, Food Politics, a one day conference, will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2013 8:45am -5:00pm at the Ukrainian Cathedral in Vancouver, British Columbia. Speakers and exhibits will cover a wide range of food issues. Speakers include: Mark McAfee, Alice Jongerden, Michael Schmidt, Halyley LaPalme, Karen Selick, Jason Gratl. Tasty local food will be served. To register call 604-306-7720 or visit freshmilkfoodpolitics.com.


Health professionals, consumers, farmers, researchers and litigators will come together for Fresh Milk, Food Politics, a one day conference, to discuss the hottest food politics issues in British Columbia. The topics will range from raw milk, fish farming, genetically modified foods, to seed and food security. Slow Food Vancouver, Home On the Range Organics Ltd, and Real Milk Legal Defense Fund are spearheading the April 6 event.  Continue reading

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Raw milk symposium postponed until April 2013; Kimberly Hartke to speak in Vancouver on October 18th, 2012

Kimberly Hartke will be speaking in Vancouver on Fermenting Foods and Culturing Dairy on Thursday, October 18. The event is open to the public. 

Click image to see poster in a larger size.

Continue reading


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“Milk and our children’s future” — Raw milk symposium Oct. 19, 20, Vancouver

October 19th and 20th, 2012, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada!

On the coattails of the right to appeal the case for raw milk, Cow Share Canada presents the 4th International Raw Milk Symposium, sponsored in part by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

We welcome everyone – whether you have an interest in learning about raw milk, whether you are a concerned consumer or whether you are a farmer. Please join us.

The highest court in Ontario that has ruled on significant cases in the past has agreed to hear the raw milk challenge. This is a big step in the right direction and could set a precedent for the rest of Canada. The judge expressed the need to address the raw milk issue, to consider the needs of raw milk consumers and to develop fair legislation. Continue reading


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Health inspectors check out third annual raw milk symposium in MN

The latest from David E. Gumpert at The Complete Patient blog:

“Last Thursday, the day before the Third Annual Raw Milk Symposium was due to get under way at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Bloomington, MN, hotel chef Pierre Jean Laupies had a visit from two local health department inspectors.

“They said they received a complaint,” he related in a conversation this morning. “They told me, ‘Do not use raw milk. Do not handle raw milk.’” (Who made the “complaint”? Ah, the inspectors couldn’t say. Maybe Joe in communicable diseases, or Mary in restaurant inspections. Or maybe an inspector just saw the Symposium’s reference to the upcoming “unveiling of our Traditional Foods Menu” for the weekend, and  didn’t know what the hell traditional foods are.) Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt off to Europe to talk about the raw milk repression and resistance here in North America

Update from Michael Schmidt, who for a brief while, is back at his farm in Durham Ontario before heading off to Prague for another raw milk conference:

Vive la difference -- raw milk automats are a popular form of distribution across Europe.

Last week was like running a marathon, a raw milk marathon. Many new and interesting developments are happening across the North American continent which are not all positive I have to say. Continue reading


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More from Saturday’s third annual raw milk symposium in Minnesota

from Michael Schmidt:

The arts and agriculture intersect at Minnesota raw milk symposium yesterday.

In the photo above Michael Schmidt is posing with respected raw milk author David Gumpert and painter Lynn Maderich. In the background is the oil painting Lynn made featuring some North American raw milk rebels.  Continue reading

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Pictures from the 3rd annual raw milk symposium held in Minnnesota today

Michael Schmidt is at the symposium today and sends these photos:

Scene from above during a break in the proceedings. Thanks to Michael Schmidt for the photos.

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