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English dairy farmer feeds badgers supplements to prevent Bovine TB

From Stuart Winter on the Express.co.uk

Badgers, like the one shown above, are due to be shot in a cull ordered by the Government n an attempt to halt bovine TB. Photo via the Express.co.uk news website

FARMER Dick Roper has vowed not to shoot badgers on his land but to feed them a daily dose of health supplements to prevent the spread of a deadly disease hitting dairy herds.

Badgers are due to be shot in a cull ordered by the Government in an attempt to halt bovine tuberculosis but Mr Roper says his idea of feeding badgers vitamins and essential minerals keeps the disease at bay. Continue reading


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Choosing raw milk is not a big deal in most of the world outside America

David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

Holy cow in India. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“…Right after my trip through the Myanmar health system last week, I made a stop at a Buddhist center on the outskirts of Yangon, the country’s largest city. I had been referred to the center by some American friends, and indeed, the nun who showed me around was an American-born woman who has been there on-and-off for the last five  years. As we stood on an outdoor second-floor landing, she pointed out several neighboring structures in this semi-rural area. A small square building housed a neighborhood health-care center. A warehouse-like structure was a tobacco-processing plant. And a barn-like structure…well, once she pointed it out to me, I could see a number of cows inside. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt at Rutgers University

Pictures thanks to Michael Schmidt:


Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was invited to Rutgers University in New Jersey to give a lecture on raw milk last fall. While he was there, he took a look at some of the exhibits on display and snapped these photos:

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