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Government data proves raw milk safe

Raw Milk Risk Extremely Small Compared to Risk of Other Foods

WASHINGTON, DC June 23, 2011:  Data gleaned from U.S. government websites and government-sanctioned reports on foodborne illnesses show that the risk of contracting foodborne illness by consuming raw milk is much smaller than the risk of becoming ill from other foods, according toresearch by Dr. Ted Beals, MD, appearing in the Summer, 2011 issue of Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

“At last we have access to the numbers we need to determine the risk of consuming raw milk on a per-person basis,” says Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit nutrition education foundation that provides information on the health benefits of raw, whole milk from pastured cows. Continue reading


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Third Annual International Raw Milk Symposium May 7, 2011 in Minnesota

Save the Date!! May 7, 2011

Third Annual International Raw Milk Symposium

In Minnesota’s Twin Cities

at the beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel in Bloomington (Complementary shuttles to the Airport and the Mall of America)

Your Food will be prepared by the hotels French-trained, award-winning Executive Chef, Pierre Jean Laupies (Stay tuned for the unveiling of our traditional foods menu)

Registration for Saturdays full day of speakers begins at 7:30 AM Continue reading

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Legal docs related to Alice Jongerden’s constitutional challenge in B.C. courts

Legal documents related to Alice Jongerden’s constitutional challenge in B.C. court, filed January 19, 2011:

Notice of Constitutional Question (pdf 25 K)

Notice of Application (pdf 371 K)

Affidavit of Hasan Junaid (pdf 75 K)

Affidavit of Dr. Theodore Beals (pdf 192 K)

Affidavit of Alice Jongerden #2 (pdf 176 K)

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt at the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference in Philadelphia yesterday

Pictures of Michael and friends at the conference:

The Dixon family with Tim Whiteman at the Weston Price Conference in Philadelphia. The Dixons own Morningland dairy which was ordered to destroy 250 000 .- worth of cheese because of an order by health officials. Never ever some body got sick. Always the same story bureaucrats kill small farmers they do not care. Photo via Michael Schmidt's Facebook page

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“The Politics of Food” — WAPF Wise Traditions 2010 conference Nov. 12-15

One of many magic moments from last year's Wise Traditions conference. That's WAPF president Sally Fallon in the middle.

October 12, 2010-WASHINGTON, D.C.— The intense debate generated by proposed food safety legislation, ongoing government opposition to raw milk, and raids by agents with guns drawn on private food clubs in California and Ohio, has vaulted the subject of food politics into the eye of consumers and policy makers. Should small farms be regulated? Are the USDA dietary guidelines improving health or causing disease? Do citizens have a right to the foods of their choice? Continue reading

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Raw milk from herd-shares in Michigan

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story on the Michigan raw milk scene, from “the Great Lakes Echo“, as reported by Angie Jackson:

“Got milk? Unpasteurized milk, that is.

Whether consumers should be allowed to purchase unpasteurized milk has been a hot topic in Michigan for years. Although its sale is illegal in the state, the debate over its availability and health risks is ongoing.

There’s no pending legislation to permit its sale, but farmers can legally provide unpasteurized milk through so-called “herd share” agreements. Continue reading


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