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The Trouble with TED

From Celia Farber, at “The Truth Barrier”:

“Now TED has made a very bad mistake, gone too far, as the arrogant always do.

This has caused a revolutionary fervor to seize the comments section at the marginalized Bad Children’s corner they have assigned the Sheldrake and Hancock video clips to on their site, as TED founder Chris Anderson tries to excuse himself to a distant destination  where he can’t respond to Hancock’s clear questions, while holding up a Wikipedia page as an attempted shield.

What is being fought here? Who are the opponents? What do they stand for?

I’ve been immersed in this war for a long time–it spans so many fields of science, from AIDS to Vaccines to Global Warming to Nutrition, Health, to Paranormal studies, parapsychology, Quantum Physics and beyond.  The bullies, calling themselves “skeptics,” have had one singular weapon which has been impossible to counter, as it is designed not to be answerable, namely pure relentless mockery. Reputation destruction. Wikipedia bullying. Charges of “pseudo-science,” and “woo,” to anything at all that doesn’t conform exactly to a fiercely reductionist, materialist, market driven and frankly misogynist approach to “Science.” Anything that slows booming global bio-tech and pharmacological progressivism is “denialism” and “woo,” and any scientist who steps out of line, no matter how esteemed, how decorated or respected, is thrown into the garbage compactor. Continue reading

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Raw milk, TED, and the resurgence of neo-primitive consciousness

Scientist Rupert Sheldrake was exiled from TED after spouting this heresy:

TED has been told, it would seem. They’ve been told to hew to the materialist dogma, and to eschew what they are calling bad science, or pseudoscience. Because back in the earlier days, it sure looked like they were a little more open minded. This latest edict has put the kibosh on all that. Health Ranger Mike Adams at Natural News is even reporting that the new TED is to be pro-GMO and anti-diet-affects-health. Now that’s going to stretch many people’s credulity. But now that TED’s gone mainstream and attracting a mainstream audience, evidently there are some who feel the message needs to be massaged accordingly. Continue reading


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“Pay the farmer or pay the hospital”

11 year old, homeschooled Birke Baehr has decided he wants to be an organic farmer when he grows up, instead of an NFL football player. Thanks to Augie at the Journal of Natural Food and Healing for posting this:

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Food security and its urban challenges

The experience of New Orleans in the wake of hurricane Katrina highlights the structural challenges involved in feeding cities. Here’s an excerpt from a story in The Nation titled “Green Shoots in New Orleans“, accompanied by a link to a TED talk with Carolyn Steele, titled “How do we feed a city?”:

Click image to go to the video on the Sociological Images blog

“Margarine, margarine, ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.'” Poppy Tooker recalls the months of food shortages after Hurricane Katrina ripped the Gulf Coast apart. “I could not believe there was no butter.” Continue reading

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We can eat to starve cancer — TED 2010

Cancer, like many other degenerative illnesses is a real plague of our age. Never mind the hysteria about Swine Flu and the like. And here is another news story on how we can address the threat of cancer through dietary means. This story comes to us from the 2010 TED conference which is now in progress.

What to eat to not help cancers grow in your body. via Boing Boing blog

TED stands for Technology Entertaintainment and Design. Not exactly sure how preventing cancer fits with that, but clearly someone on the program committee felt this message was an important one for everyone to hear. The excerpt below is from a news story by Mark Frauenfelder about highlights so far from this year’s TED conference on the BoingBoing blog: Continue reading


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