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Michael Schmidt, media, landowners at Mark Tijssen’s trial in Ottawa Tuesday for slaughtering and sharing a pig

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt reports from the Mark Tijssen trial in Ottawa yesterday:

The case attracts media interest. Mark Tijssen, flanked by Michael Schmidt, talks to television reporters

Why are those who claim to protect the public such cowards? Continue reading


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The black market for raw milk keeps growing in Canada — CTV Edmonton

Found this while looking to see if anyone else was reporting on the recent incident near Edmonton involving police and the wife of a raw milk agister. This is by Jennifer Tryon, CTV Food Specialist:

Image from CTV Edmonton website

‘A dark shadow is being cast over the food that gives us life. CTV News has uncovered a growing underground of illegal, unpasteurized milk.

“What we’re providing is milk at its purest,” says one raw milk farmer, who only agreed to be interviewed if his identity is concealed.

According to a government document, a quarter of a million Canadians drink unpasteurized milk. The farmer interviewed by CTV News says the demand is high. Some customers travel more than 200 kilometres to buy his illegal milk.

“I would say [customers] beg for the milk. It’s not even asking. They beg for the milk.” Continue reading


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Watch Michael Pollan being interviewed on Kentucky Educational Television

Found a link to this on Colin Farrell’s blog “From Curiosity to Knowledge”:

Michael Pollan on television -- click image above to go to page where you can watch the video of this interview with Kentucky Educational TV.

“Several times each year, the Kentucky Author Forum brings a distinguished writer and interviewer to the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Their conversation is taped before a live audience to air on KET and on PBS stations nationwide as Great Conversations. (Some programs from previous seasons air in Kentucky as Kentucky Author Forum Presents: A Conversation With…)

The series showcases a diverse and fascinating array of authors and interviewers from a wide range of fields—from politics, science, and education to public affairs, journalism, and the arts. Continue reading

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