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Ron Paul talks raw milk at Texas GOP

From The Examiner.com:

“But then, Ron Paul made a statement that aroused even more applause.   “You might even be able to drink raw milk.”

It was deafening in that arena.  For a moment I thought the roof might collapse as the people screamed themselves hoarse.  So I ask again.  Is it that Texans just like raw milk?  Well… maybe not so much.

When I was a small boy, my grandmother milked her cow every morning and I remember watching as she strained her bucket through cheese cloth into a big jar.  I asked her for a taste which she initially denied, but once I had pestered her sufficiently, she relented.  I took a big drink and immediately wanted to spit it out.  It was still warm, and icky, and tasted of fat. Continue reading

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Texas Republicans favour raw milk

From Chron.com:

Click image to go to source (chron.com)

“….The platform also opposes affirmative action and supports: Continue reading

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Raw milk more risky for newbies?

The Complete Patient comments on the Lavon Farms story:

“I should preface what follows, in terms of illnesses blamed on raw milk, with the acknowledgment that I am well aware all foods make people sick. I’m also aware that as raw dairy explodes in popularity, its enemies–Big Dairy, government regulators, the public health community, and others–become ever more determined to curtail consumption, stamp out raw dairy entirely. We can see that in the totally cynical way opponents used the illnesses in Texas to try to de-rail legislation to expand raw milk availability.

When you’re under assault by forces with superior firepower, you can either stand there and take it, or you can intelligently fight back. In my view, it behooves all of us who value our food rights to fight back intelligently, and that means in part being forthright about the issues, including the issues the opponents say they are most concerned about. So I want to do some exploration around this issue of illness from raw milk, since this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the situation we’re seeing in Texas. Because it involves illness and raw dairy, it gets blown up for the purposes of fanning fear.    Continue reading

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Allegations of salmonella seem fishy in Lavon Farms of Texas raw dairy case

From The Complete Patient blog:

Todd Moore (second from left) and family being recognized at a livestock show.

“On the face of it, the case against Lavon Farms looks open and shut. Milk from the Plano, TX, raw dairy, the largest in the state, has been genetically linked to four illnesses from salmonella–three of them involving children–over the last few months, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.  Continue reading


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Farmers choose cotton over food crops

From William Neuman in the New York Times:

“SPEARMAN, Tex. — Tight supplies of corn, soybeans and wheat have sent prices skyrocketing in the last year, prompting worries of a looming global food crisis.

In other years, American farmers have responded to high prices by devoting more land to staple food crops.

But this spring, many farmers in southern states will be planting cotton in ground where they used to grow corn, soybeans or wheat — spurred on by cotton prices that have soared as clothing makers clamor for more and poor harvests crimp supply.

The result is an acreage war between rival commodities used to feed and clothe the world’s population.

“There’s a lot more money to be made in cotton right now,” said Ramon Vela, a farmer here in the Texas Panhandle, as he stood in a field where he grew wheat last year, its stubble now plowed under to make way for cotton. Around the first week of May, Mr. Vela, 37, will plant 1,100 acres of cotton, up from 210 acres a year ago. “The prices are the big thing,” he said. “That’s the driving force.” Continue reading

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State raw milk legislation pending

From Pete Kennedy at Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund


A number of raw milk bills have been introduced in the state Houses in the current legislative session. What follows is a state-by-state summary of the bills that have been introduced.

IOWA – House File 394 (HF 394), a bill that will allow the sale of raw milk and raw milk products to individuals on the farm and through delivery by producers, has been voted out of the House Economic Growth Committee and now goes to the full House for a vote. Dairy farmers selling under the bill would be subject neither to licensing nor inspection. State law currently prohibits any sale of raw milk and raw milk products other than cheese aged sixty days or more. Continue reading

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Farmer funding used for anti raw milk propaganda campaign in Texas, U.S.A.

via Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund website:

Industry Ads Attack Raw Milk, But Texas Bill Going Strong
By Judith McGeary, Esq. | February 5, 2011

The Big Dairy opposition to raw milk took a new turn recently when an industry group began running radio ads, across the state of Texas, warning the public away from raw milk. Not only did the ads include false and misleading information, but the campaign was being funded with farmers’ dollars, including fees levied on raw milk farmers.

For those unfamiliar with the industry, there are many government mandated programs referred to as the “Checkoffs.” Advertising campaigns for “Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner” or “Pork: The Other White Meat” are among the many developed by Checkoff programs. Under federal law, every person who sells a cow must pay money to the Beef Checkoff; every person who sells a hog must pay money to the Pork Checkoff; and every person who sells milk must pay money to the Dairy Checkoff. Continue reading

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Texas doctor walks his talk on health

A Canadian Press story, via Google:

Toward self-sufficiency: Family fills backyard with chickens, vegetable garden

By Jamie Stengle (CP)

PROSPER, Texas — As the weather warms and the brown landscape turns green, Stephanie Weyenberg’s thoughts turn to planting for her family’s early spring garden.

Gardening is more than just a hobby: She and her husband, Matt, grow most of the fruit and vegetables they eat.

They also rely on a half-dozen chickens roaming their backyard, for eggs and to entertain their kids, ages 11, nine and six. The family gets beef, chicken and raw milk from farms. Continue reading

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Don’t mess with raw milkers in Texas!

Raw milk sales are going strong in Texas, even in this “down” economy, according to a recent story in the Keene Sentinel titled “Dairy reaps benefits of raw milk movement“. Here’s an excerpt from that:

After visiting the Lucky Layla farm store at Lavon Farms in Plano, Texas, Chris Williams, of Plano, center, leaves with a variety of yogurt and raw milk produced at the farm. Sentinel Source photo

“DALLAS — Like most any mom with young children, Iliana Cantavella is used to making a run for a gallon of milk.

But she goes to the tiny store at Lavon Farms, the last dairy left in Collin County. There, for $8 a gallon, she buys milk that comes straight from the registered Guernsey and Jersey cows grazing in the fields around.

No pasteurization. No homogenization. And no approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Raw milk, it’s called, and Cantavella is a walking infomercial.

“Since we switched to raw milk, they don’t get sick anymore,” the mother of three said, standing outside the farm store with her latest three gallons. “They used to get ear infections all the time.” Continue reading

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MooJesus.com vows healthy organic foods should not be “just for the elite”

Brought to you from the “Everything Jesus Ranch” in Texas here’s a fun little video on what looks like a really clean raw milking operation which even invites customer participation. The video is narrated by Oscar and Jacqueline, two of the students at the Genesis Christian Academy associated with the ranch:

And here’s an excerpt from a story by Tucker Stephenson in the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise, about the MooJesus ranch titled “Education, Nutrition and Religion Meet”:

“SEGUIN — In the Bible, one of Jesus’ most famous miracles occurred when he turned water into wine.

It’s no surprise that this and other examples of his work have been emulated by the founders of the Everything Jesus Ranch, who are using old-fashioned hard work to turn the fruits of their labor into education and opportunity.

“We’re a Christian church, but we’re a Christian church that’s not the typical sort of, ‘this is the church, this is the steeple,’” Genesis Christian Church Director and Pastor Gina Tillman-Young said. “What we try to do is, through ministry, address all of the aspects that are involved in whole and healthy and happy lives, first for children and then for the families of children.”

You see, the ranch is home to the Genesis Christian Academy, a free-tuition school with a current enrollment of 18 students. But that’s not the only structure built on the 100-acre property, nor is it the most surprising.

Within the borders of the Everything Jesus Ranch also stands a licensed hand-milking dairy, which produces raw milk that is sold to fund the small school’s educational programs.
Continue reading

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