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Milk cure experiment “how-to’s”

Here’s Elizabeth Walling, of “The Nourished Life” blog with more on her experimentation with the “milk cure” or in her case, the “raw milk cure”:

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As I addressed in my very first post about my milk diet experiment, how you drink your milk is just as important as the fact that you’re drinking it. Trust me, these steps are very important and should not be brushed aside:

Do… drink the milk slowly. Take small sips so your body has time to assimilate the nutrients.

Don’t… gulp your milk like those people gulping down Gatorade in the commercials. Continue reading


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Elizabeth embarks on a raw milk diet cure experiment — will she last?

This is an excerpt from Elizabeth Walling’s “The Nourished Life” blog:

“One of my favorite discoveries on my real food journey is raw milk. Last year, I was absolutely tickled to learn what a nourishing food milk could be under the right circumstances. You know when you read a piece of information and it just, you know… clicks? Well, reading about raw milk was a real “click” moment for me. I don’t know why. It just made pure and utter (udder?) sense to me that raw milk could really do a body good. Continue reading

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