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Food as “sugar delivery vehicle”

From Mike Johnson, an “off-topic” post on his “the Online Photographer” blog:

Photo by Ctein, Sugar and Cream, Ben and Jerry's, Vermont, 2010, via the Online Photographer. Click image to go there

“I quit eating sugar last April. Aside from a modest slip on Halloween, I haven’t had any “overt” sugar since then. It’s been an interesting experience.

In an increasingly industrialized food supply, sugar is the perfect industrial food. It’s moderately addictive or habit-forming, in that heavy consumption triggers cravings; it has a high perceived value despite being easy and cheap to produce (astonishingly, more than half of the huge corn crop in the U.S. now goes to the manufacture of high-fructose corn sweetener); it can be used to “enhance” a wide variety of foods as an additive; it’s easy to transport and store because it doesn’t spoil; and most people are genetically predisposed to find it appealing, even when they’re not aware that they’re eating it. Continue reading

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