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New Vancouver-area raw milk cowshare announced — Triple A Dairy

From Gordon Watson in Vancouver:

Fortunately, Vancouverites will no longer have to resort to such extreme measures to secure their supply of raw milk.

In Ontario, Michael Schmidt proved that cowsharing is a lawful way for people to get raw milk.  He urges that more cowshares be formed, so as to meet the burgeoning demand for REAL MILK.  It’s crucial we get more cows out there, right away, producing, to consolidate his victory.

Therefore I’m convening a new cowshare, called Triple A Dairy.  I invite people in the Vancouver area, who appreciate the value of fresh, whole, pure milk – unprocessed, straight from the cow,  NOT Pasteur-ized – to contact me and become a joint-owner of a herd of dairy cows. Continue reading


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